Vehicles & Submarines


AOPE’s underwater vehicles and submarines allow the exploration of the ocean depths and vast regions of the seafloor that, until recently, had been relatively unknown. They contribute to ongoing investigations of hydrothermal vents, seafloor ridges, and trenches while allowing up-close study of ocean life and processes.

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Autonomous and Remotely Operated Vehicles

These vehicles are used when long-term monitoring of the ocean or seafloor is needed. Research completed with autonomous and remotely operated vehicles provides major contributions to the understanding of deep-sea geological, chemical and biological processes at mid-ocean ridges. These vehicles have also helped in the successful deployment of ocean floor observatory monitors and sensors, providing the ability to record routine time series measurements.

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Alvin has made more than 3,700 dives for a variety of scientific explorations. The submersible's most famous exploits include locating a hydrogen bomb accidentally dropped into the Mediterranean Sea in 1966, exploring deep-sea hydrothermal vents discovered just two decades ago, and surveying the sunken ocean liner Titanic. 
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