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Lab Personnel

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Summer 2010

L to R: Mark Hahn, Sibel Karchner, Alicia Timme-Laragy, Diana Franks, Neel Aluru, Rachel Harbeitner

Current members


•            Mark E. Hahn, Ph.D. (Senior Scientist)

•            Sibel I. Karchner, Ph.D. (Research Specialist)

•            Diana G. Franks, B.S.  (Research Associate)

•            Lilah Glazer, Ph.D. (WHOI Postdoctoral Scholar, now at Duke University)

•            Jennifer Panlilio, B.A., M.A. (Joint Program Ph.D. Student)

•            Zachary Mickiewicz, B.S. (Research Assistant)

Former members

•            Alicia R. Timme-Laragy, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, UMASS Amherst)

•            Neel Aluru, Ph.D. (Assistant Scientist, WHOI)

•            Larissa M. Williams, Ph.D.  (Assistant Professor, Bates College)

•            Rachel Harbeitner, B.S.  (Research Assistant, WHOI)

•            Kristina Deak, B.S.  (Univ. of South Florida)

•            Wade Powell, Ph.D.  (Professor and Chair of Biology, Kenyon College)

•            Connie Hart, Ph.D.  (Health Canada, Ottawa)

•            Sue Bello, Ph.D.  (Bioinformaticist, The Jackson Labs)

•            Eli Hesterman, Ph.D.  (Associate Professor, Furman University)

•            Brenda Jensen, Ph.D.  (Associate Professor, Hawaii Pacific University)

•            Eun-Young Kim, Ph.D.  (Kyung Hee University, Seoul, South Korea)

•            Brad Evans, Ph.D.  (Mount Sinai School of Medicine)

•            Rebeka Merson, Ph.D.  (Associate Professor, Rhode Island College)

•            Ann Tarrant, Ph.D.  (Associate Scientist, WHOI)

•            Maria Hansson, Ph.D. (Assistant Senior Lecturer, Lund University)

•            Matthew Jenny, Ph.D.  (Assistant Professor, University of Alabama)

•            Joy Lapseritis, Ph.D.  (U.S. Navy)

•            Eric Montie, Ph.D.  (Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina Beaufort)

•            Kristen Whalen, Ph.D.  (Research Associate, WHOI)

Last updated: January 21, 2016

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