2011 Geodynamics Seminar Series


RIVERS: The Cascading Limb of the Geologic Cycle

Tuesdays, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
Carriage House, Quissett Campus

Speaker Schedule


Seminar Speaker


February 1

Ray Schmitt
Senior Scientist
Physical Oceanography, WHOI

"The role of the oceans in the global water cycle"

February 8

•Clark 507

James Syvitski
Professor of Geological Sciences; Director and Fellow of INSTAAR
Univ. of Colorado-Boulder

"Rivers as land-to-sea transport arteries"

February 15

Taylor Perron
Dept. Of Earth, Atmosphere & Planetary Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Coupling of River Networks and Hill Slopes in Landscape Evolution"

February 22

Josh West
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Southern California

"Floods, Earthquakes, and Rivers: The Effects of Rare Large Events on Weathering, Erosion, and the Transport of Carbon"

March 1

Suzanne Prestrud-Anderson
Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
Univ. of Colorado

"Glacier- Rivers of ice in surficial Earth systems"

March 8

Rudy Slingerland
Professor of Geosciences
Penn State University

 "Landscape Evolution and Sediment Fluxes to the Ocean"

March 15

Arjun Heimsath
School of Earth and Space Exploration
Arizona State University

"Quantifying Hillslope Processes: Holes, Isotopes, and Exploration"

March 22

Spring Break

 no presentation

March 29

Heather L. Buss
U.S. Geological Survey
Water Resources Discipline

"Critical Zone Processes and their Influence on Watershed Exports"

April 5

Robert Spencer
Assistant Scientist
Woods Hole Research Center

"Floodplains as biogoechemical reactors"

April 12

Peter Raymond
Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University

"The role of rivers in the global carbon budget"

April 19

John Day
Coastal Ecology Institute
Louisiana State University

“Ecology, Sediment Transport and Energy Issues”

April 26

Rocky Geyer
Senior Scientist
Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering, WHOI

"The influence of estuaries on the transport of sediment and solutes from rivers to the ocean"

May 3

•Clark 507

Robert Aller
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Stony Brook University

"Deltaic systems as global biogeochemical reactors: C cycling, diagenetic pathways, and reverse weathering"

May 10

Derek Vance
Dept. of Earth Sciences
University of Bristol, UK

"Marine geochemical budgets, chemical weathering and the carbon cycle in the ice-house world of the Quaternary"