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Minutes - 2015
Minutes - September 28, 2015
In attendance:

Annette Govindarajan, Dan Lizarralde, Stace Beaulieu, Heidi Sosik, Joel Llopiz, James Kinsey, Jodi Nickinello, Shana Thakur, Janet Fields Lea Fraser, Holly Moeller


  • We reviewed membership. Jodi Nickinello is the interim HR representative and brought along Shanka Thakur also from HR, to the meeting.


  • Following up on the last meeting, we reviewed the idea of producing a video that deals with issues in the field. We decided to put this idea aside for the time being so that we could devote our resources to a gender climate/harassment survey; and also because educational products related to these issues should be informed by an understanding of what problems exist, which will hopefully be identified by the survey. Video production should be revisited after assessing survey results.


  • We had an update on the new ad hoc committee on harassment and progress on the climate/harassment survey.  There are two related ad hoc committees.  The first ad hoc committee was formed at the request of Susan Avery to assess harassment-in-the-field issues.  As part of that assessment, a second, new ad hoc committee was formed to lead the effort to conduct a gender-climate/harassment survey.  This new committee is led by Susan Humphris, and includes Dan (co-chair with Susan) and Annette, Chris Land, Deb Hamel, Christine Charette, Eric Benway, and Julie van der Hoop.  The committee is working with an outside consulting group (Rankin and Associates) to develop and implement the survey. Susan Rankin will tentatively visit WHOI Dec 3-4 and there will be open institution-wide meetings at that time. Rankin will receive a copy of the 1988 survey and subsequent updates. We will work with Rankin in the survey question development to facilitate a comparison with the 1988 survey. We expect that the survey will be implemented in mid summer 2016. Some of the issues in developing the survey include maintaining confidentiality and encouraging participation.  Discussion of this update included the recommendation that more thought be given to the Rankin’s December visit, and in particular the goals and structure of the planned open meetings during that visit.


  • With the formation of the ad-hoc harassment/survey committee and Institution funding for the survey, GEPAC could use its resources (which it had been preserving for the survey) to sponsor a speaker for 2015.

  • While considering potential topics for a 2015 GEPAC speaker, we discussed the lack of female representation in senior leadership positions or Staff Council. There are currently no female department chairs and no females on Staff Council. One suggestion is to have at-large seats for females during situations when there is no other female representation. Additionally it was noted that there is also a lack of racial diversity in senior leadership positions. Overall, the committee feels female representation in leadership positions is an important issue that requires attention moving forward with Mark Abbott.


  • We discussed the pro’s and con’s of serving on committees for females. On one hand, experience serving on committees at more junior levels might facilitate women’s participation in institution-level leadership activities later at more senior levels. On the other hand, excessive service might take away from scientific activities and hinder professional development. Additionally, the relatively small number of female senior scientists means that they might be asked to perform a disproportionate amount of service work, so that female representation is assured.


  • We discussed expanding the employment statistics on GEPAC’s website. New statistics that will be included are female-to-male salaries ratios by position category, time in a position until promotion, and full-time vs. part-time employment.


  • Action Items:
    • Annette and Dan – continue efforts in survey design and implementation
    • Annette and Dan – research possible speaker for 2015
    • Jodi – obtain additional employment statistics
    • Annette – update website when new statistics become available

Minutes - March 13, 2015

Minutes for March 13, 2015

In Attendance: Annette Govindarajan, Dan Lizarralde, Janet Fields, Stace Beaulieau, James Kinsey, Joel Llopez, Heidi Sosik. Chris Land and Kate Madin participated in the 2nd half of the meeting.

1. Action items from previous minutes

2. Member rotation - Adam Shepard is looking to rotate out and Beatrice is no longer at WHOI. New postdoc members were appointed (Laura Slivinski and Alicia Cruz-Uribe).

3. Updated employment statistics are now available and need to be put on the GEPAC website. We discussed that it would be nice to have a breakdown of employees by full time, part time, and casual status.

4. We discussed moving forward with a gender climate survey that follows up on the 1988 survey. GEPAC has been laying the groundwork for this over the past couple of years and is ready to move forward on this.

5. Harassment in the field issues - Much of the meeting was spent discussing action items following from Susan Avery’s request that a Joint Group (including HR, APO, GEPAC, the Women’s Comm., and Chris Land) “review our current policies” with respect to harassment in the field and “propose additional steps … to support our research staff and students in the field”. Towards this end, we discussed production of a video on being at sea/in the field. The video would potentially have different speakers sharing their perspectives in response to questions by a moderator and target students and new hands embarking on fieldwork. We also discussed incorporating harassment issues into the climate survey. We discussed GEPAC’s role vs. HR, whether WHOI is up to date on best practices, and reiterated the need for an ombudsperson who is independent of HR. We discussed the idea of harassment training along the lines of the EHS safety classes, that would target all levels of WHOI students and employees. We discussed that while sexual harassment may fall under HR’s purview, harassment questions could be included in the climate survey (as they were in the original survey). Dan recommended the website as a useful resource for developing the survey and best practices.

5. New action items

• Annette/Dan – look for a replacement for Adam Shepard

• Annette/Stace – update the GEPAC website with current members and the latest employment statistics

• Annette – write up and send out to GEPAC for review – goals, possible speakers and questions for the video; then send to Chris Land

• Dan – contact Tina, others about moving forward with the survey and getting the funds to proceed

Minutes - 2014
July 14, 2014, GEPAC Meeting Minutes

Attended: Stace Beaulieu, Janet Fields, Dan Lizarralde, Heidi Sosik, Britta Voss

1- reviewed action items from previous minutes

2- follow-up on release of 2013 GEPAC employment plots
We propose a GEPAC meeting with Larry Madin and Jeffrey Fernandez. The purpose of this meeting would be two-fold: to formalize the annual reporting of GEPAC employment statistics and to discuss a proposed perceptions survey / community discussion (item 4 below). We also would like to request that GEPAC has access to additional data for time in position and years to promotion for the same coarse categories. Our working definition for promotion would be when job title changes and salary increases. These additional data would be useful to examine after our proposed perceptions survey / community discussion (item 4 below). Are we collecting the appropriate metrics? Should we be looking at outliers that might sway a perception?

3- ideas for guest speaker in fall 2014
There was some momentum towards hosting a speaker for dual career issues. This was a topic of a town hall at this year’s Ocean Sciences meeting by Dr. Kelly Ward from Washington State, author of award-winning book “Academic Motherhood: How Faculty Manage Work and Family.” Another candidate may be Dr. Mary Anne Holmes, Earth and Atmospheric sciences at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and now NSF program director for ADVANCE. Another candidate may be Dr. Londa Schiebinger from Stanford, author of "Dual-career Academic Couples: What Universities Need to Know."
Note: WHOI has dual career webpage:

Timeline: host speaker this fall; ask for talk plus smaller social meeting, e.g. for postdocs/students

4- ideas for perceptions survey / community discussion
We decided to proceed with drafting a survey for employee perceptions of gender equity at WHOI, last discussed by GEPAC in 2012. We would like to follow the survey with a community discussion (e.g., an open meeting for WHOI employees) of the survey results. An outcome could be that GEPAC advises the directorate and/or HR to report back to the community on perceptions for which other data (not in GEPAC employment stats) may be needed for comparison; e.g., what if people perceive a salary discrepancy - then GEPAC could recommend a discussion led by HR re: compensation. Ultimately our goal is to improve transparency so that perceptions match data. 
We will start with a subset of the questions from the 1988 survey to have a 25-yr comparison. We discussed difficulties in obtaining a representative sample of the WHOI community, and decided upon the combination of providing an anonymous survey and holding an open meeting. We could have a box at the end of the multiple choice questions with free text entry so that people could suggest discussion items for the open meeting. We could keep the survey open for a certain time after the meeting.
Stace/Dan/Tina will select a subset of questions from the 1988 perceptions survey and send that to GEPAC for review. Dan will look into how to set up an anonymous survey online.

Timeline: end of this year, perceptions survey; early 2015, community discussion in conjunction with release of GEPAC stats, perhaps with professional facilitator

5- member rotation(s)
Britta will be graduating soon, so we need new student rep. Next year Heidi will retire from the committee, and Stace will step down from co-chair and serve as Biology rep. Janet will step down and request another APO rep.

6- Action items
- Please vote via email your choice for speaker by Monday, August 4. We’d like to schedule a speaker in the fall, e.g., October.
- Stace/Dan/Tina – select questions from the 1988 perceptions survey. Note: this follows onto an action item from 2012 GEPAC minutes for Stace and Tina to revise the draft survey of perceptions of gender equity at WHOI.
- Dan - look into how to set up an anonymous survey online (e.g., check with staff committee for their previous survey).
- Stace/Dan – request meeting with Madin & Fernandez after drafting perceptions survey
- Stace/Dan - in end-of-year memo, send suggestions for next co-chair
- Stace - contact Hanny Rivera as new student rep.
- Janet – request new GEPAC member from APO
- Release GEPAC stats in Feb. 2015 and do an ‘all-hands’ email in addition to ‘Headlines’

Minutes - 2013
March 27, 2013, GEPAC Meeting Minutes
Attended: Stace Beaulieu, Tina Betti, Janet Fields, David Griffith (Skype), Joel Llopiz, Dan McCorkle, Dave Ralston, Heidi Sosik

Guests: Nanci Pacheco, Mary Murphy, Amy Maas

1- vote to approve/edit/amend employment statistics plots for GEPAC website
Before the meeting we emailed a PDF with the 6 plots to be generated annually in collaboration with MIS & HR.
The last page of the PDF showed a draft webpage for display of the plots. The draft webpage was not publicly accessible, but Stace logged in and showed it during the meeting for discussion.
At the meeting we discussed edits and approved the plots.
Additions will include the most recent NSF data (2013 report) and AAUP data (, data for WHOI postdocs, and additional data for WHOI sci staff.

2- vote to approve or suggest another 2013 speaker
Both the Women's Committee and the Postdoc Association approached GEPAC with a request to co-sponsor the following speaker for 2013:
Sara Laschever, co-author of the the book "Women Don't Ask:  The high cost of avoiding Negotiation--and postitive strategies for change."  Here is a link to the website about the book and a short bio:
We note that Sara worked as a research associate for Project Access, a Harvard University study funded by NSF, ONR, and the Bunting Institute. Two books published from Project Access included 'Gender Differences in Science Careers: The Project Access Study' and 'Who Succeeds in Science? The Gender Dimension,' both by G. Sonnert, assisted by G. Holton.
GEPAC approved, and Women's Committee would be the lead contact/organizer.
We suggested that a GEPAC member join a phone call ahead of time with the speaker to help tailor the talk for WHOI audience.
Following the meeting, Stace submitted budget breakdown to Director of Research that was approved for co-sponsorship with Women's Committee.
Target date: October, but not during Oct 10-11; Tues, Weds, or Thurs

Note: for 2014, we would return to previous suggestions for speaker on unconscious bias or dual career issues.

3- member rotation(s)
Dan McCorkle is now Dept. Chair in G&G and is stepping down from GEPAC. Director of Research is now requesting nominations for new co-chair from scientific staff.
Dave Ralston is stepping down and James Kinsey, also from AOPE, will be a new member.
New postdoc members: Mike Polito, Katie Shamberger.
Here is a link to the GEPAC members list:
Members serve for approximately three years.

4. Action Items:
- Stace will work with Nanci/Tina to finalize 2013 GEPAC employment plots and post a draft webpage to GEPAC website
- GEPAC members will review draft webpage and a memo will be sent to Directorate prior to public announcement
- Stace will communicate with Women's Committee re: plans for early fall speaker
- Next GEPAC meeting to be held end summer / ahead of early fall speaker

Minutes - 2012
January 11, 2012, GEPAC Meeting Minutes

Jan 11, 2012, GEPAC Meeting Minutes
1:00-2:30PM, Clark South 271

Attended by: Stace Beaulieu, Tina Betti, Janet Fields, David Griffith (Skype), Dan Lizarralde,  Dan McCorkle, Larry Pratt, Dave Ralston, Adam Shepherd, Heidi Sosik

Guest: Nanci Pacheco

1. Guest: Nanci Pacheco from Management Information Systems (MIS)
Nanci showed a pivot table that can be updated annually from the WHOI “BiTech” employment database and queried to produce summary plots of gender-related employment statistics. We discussed the subset of plots for display to the WHOI community from the GEPAC webpage as well as more detailed plots for the GEPAC to review each year.

Proposed plots to show to the WHOI community:

All plots to be displayed from the GEPAC webpage will be counts of people in positions per year dating back to at least year 2000.

1a. An “overall” plot that shows all WHOI employees in coarse categories (e.g., slide 52 in 2005 GEPAC presentation:,52,Slide 52).

1b. Scientific staff (this can date back to 1974 if appended to Fig. 1 in (we could date back to 1988 if appended to:,13,Slide 13)

1c. Research technical staff ladder (exempt)

1d. Engineering technical staff ladder (exempt)

1e. Information systems technical staff ladder (exempt)

1f. Plot for APO (to provide more detail than shown in “overall” plot above). APO already prepares a report to NSF each fall, so we could choose a plot from this.

Proposed additional plots available to GEPAC:

Additional plots available for GEPAC review can include the above counts per department, as well as time series of “time in position” and time series of “time before promotion.” GEPAC also requested time-series plots of no. hires per gender (e.g.,,18,Recommendations 5 & 6 – Recruitment and retention). These and the above plots can be reviewed by GEPAC and compared to national averages in preparing an annual update to the Directorate.

2. New co-chair goals (Dan Mc.)

Dan would like for there to be a regular meeting with GEPAC co-chairs and Dept. Chairs and VPs to keep gender biases “on the radar” during the process of recruitment of scientific staff. Dan listened in on last fall’s Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) webinar on recruitment biases: “Evaluating Faculty Candidates: Understanding and Minimizing the Influence of Unconscious Bias.”

3. Discuss next Visiting Speaker

3a. We discussed the possibility that our next visiting speaker address solutions for dual-career hiring and retention. Dave R. mentioned that this has been a subject of discussion in Sci Sec ( Dan L. mentioned that this has also been discussed in G&G. HR is developing a new brochure related to dual career issues.

Suggestion from Heidi’s email following the meeting: Dr. Elizabeth G. Creamer from Virginia Tech (

Suggestion from Dan Mc’s email following the meeting: Dr. Londa Schiebinger from Stanford ( Note: Dan Mc also downloaded a number of references that may be useful background material for choosing a speaker on dual-career issues.

3b. Other potential speaker topics:

Janet Mertz (University of Wisconsin-Madison): Debunking Myths about Gender, Culture, and Math Performance
Seminar given recently at MIT as part of their Women in Mathematics program (

3c. After the meeting, GEPAC decided over email to co-sponsor a speaker with the Women’s Committee:

Valerie Young, “Imposter Syndrome” (, 12 March 2012, 10:30-12:00 in Redfield

4. Discuss change of GEPAC committee charge

The Women’s Committee asked that GEPAC remove the requirement that we have an active member from their committee. Committee charge (from website): “Members serve for approximately three years, and the Committee will continue to have representation from a wide range of departments, both scientific and administrative as well as from the Women’s Committee.”

5. Items not covered due to lack of time at the meeting

- Follow-up to Visiting Speaker: Kathleen Flint Ehm, Tues., July 19, 2011

- New brochure available on GEPAC website:

(Stace provided ~300 brochures to APO and ~200 to HR)

6. Action items:

- (all) Please email GEPAC co-chairs with suggestions for next visiting speaker. Stace and Dan Mc. will compile suggestions and send out an email. GEPAC can make a decision over email re: next speaker and the contact person to arrange the visit.

- (TBD) Arrange for next visiting speaker.

- (Stace and Dan Mc.) memo to directorate to summarize 2011 and plans for 2012. In this memo, ask to remove the Women’s Committee member from the GEPAC committee charge.

- (Stace and Dan Mc.) work with Nanci to obtain draft plots (1a – 1e above) as image files (e.g., JPGs)

- (Stace, Dan Mc., Adam) draft webpage with password protection for GEPAC members to review how information is displayed

- (Dan Mc.) Although no meeting with recruitment committee and Dept. Chairs occurred in 2011, co-chairs will plan for a meeting in 2012.

- (Stace and Tina) revise the draft survey of perceptions of gender equity at WHOI for further discussion at next GEPAC meeting.

- Next GEPAC meeting to be held in June/July time frame.

Minutes - 2011
June 22, 2011, GEPAC Meeting Minutes
June 22, 2011, 3 - 4:30PM, Smith Conf. Room

Attended by: Stace Beaulieu, Tina Betti, Janet Fields, David Griffith (Skype), Kim Grodzki, Dan Lizarralde,  Dan McCorkle, Larry Pratt, Heidi Sosik, Larissa Williams, and Jian Lin from the Diversity Committee

1. Status of action items from previous meeting
Four of the five action items from the previous meeting have been addressed. Nanci Pacheco could not attend this meeting today, so we will invite her to the next meeting. The remaining action item is to schedule a meeting with recruitment committee and Dept. chairs for this fall. This action item will be tasked to the next GEPAC co-chair from the scientific staff. There was some discussion of this action item re: translating the experience gained by the previous year's to the next year's recruitment committees.

2. Discuss upcoming speaker visit - Kathleen Flint Ehm, Tues., July 19, 2011
Ehm is Manager of the National Postdoctoral Association's ADVANCE Project:

Prior to the meeting, Larry circulated a recent PowerPoint presentation that Ehm gave re: "the leaky pipeline." There was some discussion about having Ehm tailor the WHOI presentation to a broader geoscience community. There was strong interest in encouraging Dept. Chairs and Directorate to attend the presentation. One suggestion was to have Director of Research or Dean of Academic Programs introduce Ehm at the noon-time presentation. The noon-time talk should be advertised on WHOI's yellow sheet and announced to the broader Woods Hole scientific community.

Draft agenda:
- morning: breakfast with WHOI postdocs and students
- ??later morning??afternoon: meeting with WHOI Assistant Scientists
- noon: seminar at Redfield Auditorium
- box lunch picnic to follow the seminar at Redfield
- dinner with GEPAC Committee

3. Report on symposium on "Women of MIT" attended by Heidi Sosik in March 2011
A report was released as an ~10-yr follow-up to the 1999 report on the status of women faculty at MIT chaired by Nancy Hopkins and Mary Potter. Links to the report and to a video of Hopkins's talk at this symposium are posted on the GEPAC website. The report highlights successes over the past decade, points out remaining challenges, and also shows new challenges that have arisen due to proactive policies towards hiring more women.

4. Discuss GEPAC employment data stats and potential survey of perceptions of gender equity at WHOI
- Brief report on meeting of GEPAC members (Stace Beaulieu, Tina Betti, and Heidi Sosik) with Nanci Pacheco, Chris Hammond, and Anita Norton in April 2011
Stace briefly reported on the three types of graphs that we are going to be able to show on an annual basis to the WHOI community: how many fe/males in positions at annual time points, number of years that fe/males have been in position, and number of years that fe/males were in the lower rank position prior to promotion. There was discussion about how coarse the positions would be presented, whether we would present information per department, whether we could use the data to see if there are gender-related issues with retention. There was further discussion about the audience for these data, how will the data be analyzed and reported, what can we achieve in terms of identifying and addressing problems. A charge of the GEPAC is to advise the Directorate, and it was suggested that GEPAC prepare a modest annual report or status update with the release of the annual stats and compare these stats with national or other comparable averages.

- Discuss draft survey of perceptions of gender equity at WHOI prepared by Stace Beaulieu and Tina Betti
Prior to the meeting, Stace circulated a draft subset of questions pulled from the extensive 1988 survey of the equity climate at WHOI. Stace introduced the motivation for conducting a "perceptions survey" in conjunction with the release of gender-related employment stats. The goal will be to collect data on perceptions of gender equity which can be compared with tangible data from the employment stats to see if there are discrepancies between subjective and objective viewpoints. Members agreed to move forward with the proposed survey. Due to its low cost and ease of using online survey, it was suggested to conduct the survey when the employment stats data are released (or just prior to), to obtain a "time zero" which could them be compared with a time point a couple of years later (i.e., after a couple of cycles of annual employment stats being available to the community).

Discussion about the survey included:
- How will we ensure participation in the survey is representative of employee demographics?
- One way to attract participation is to offer a raffle prize. There was some discussion of how to keep entry into a raffle prize entirely separate from a returned survey form so that anonymity is protected. Examples: at the end of survey, provide email address with subject line to enter raffle; provide i.d. # which is recorded on separate database to know who entered into the online survey.
- Also, Janet mentioned a recent online survey that she was involved with at MIT that had 90% return.
- Announcement of the survey in Susan Avery's weekly WHOI news may help increase participation.
- Discussion of the Discrimination and Harassment section included: need to specify recent time frame in which survey respondent has observed discrimination (note: following the meeting, an additional comment is that we should use "experienced" vs. "observed" discrimination), some discussion of confidentiality if harassment is indicated on the survey response due to legal implications, discussion about whether/how to include discrimination on ships. If we include discrimination on ships, we have to consider whether this will be specific to WHOI ships and/or WHOI employees on WHOI or other ships.

 5. Interaction with other WHOI Committees:
- Diversity Committee
Jian discussed importance of coordination among WHOI Committees and also discussed activities of the Woods Hole Diversity Committee which sponsors the PEP summer student program and annual "Diversity Days" events. WHOI's Diversity Committee is currently working towards support for a "BRIDGE" lecture program that will allow WHOI personnel to supplement visits to other institutions with talks to engage interests of underrepresented groups in ocean sciences.

- Women's Committee
Unfortunately, we did not have time during the meeting to discuss recent or upcoming Women's Committee activities. Kim reported over email that the recent Women's Committee Annual Dinner with guest speaker Cindy Van Dover was a huge success.

6. New action items arising from this meeting
- Larry will schedule rooms, arrange for breakfast meeting and box lunches, and send out agenda for Ehm's visit. Individual GEPAC members will be tasked with contacting Dept. Chairs and Dept. Education Coords. to advertise the noon-time talk.
- Next GEPAC meeting will include presentation and discussion of employment stat graphs by Nanci Pacheco.
- Stace will work with Tina to revise the draft survey of perceptions of gender equity at WHOI for further discussion at next GEPAC meeting.
- Next GEPAC meeting to be held in December/January time frame.
Jan. 26, 2011, GEPAC Meeting Minutes

Members and visitors present: Janet Fields, Stephanie Murphy (Diversity Comm.), Dan McCorkle, Dan Lizarralde, Tina Betti, Larry Pratt, Stace Beaulieu, Larissa Williams, Adam Shepherd, Kim Grodzki (Women’s Comm.), Dave Ralston, Heidi Sosik, David Griffith (via Skype)

1. Welcome new members

2. Status of action items from previous meeting
Stace reviewed the action items from the previous meeting and described how they had been attended to. These included the printing of new GEPAC brochures and recruitment of new members. (Nearly half the membership is now new.) The language of the committee charter still needs to be slightly altered as recommended at our previous meeting. The new members were welcomed and advised that the nominal term of service is now approximately three years.

3. Memo to Directorate re: recruitment process 2010, and follow-up for 2011
Stace and Larry described the Sept. 2010 meeting with recruitment committee and department chairs.  The purpose of this meeting was to allow recruitment personnel to share information about the implementation in some departments of recommendations stemming from Dr. JoAnn Moody’s 2009 visit. In November 2010, a summary of recommendations following this meeting was sent to Susan Avery and Larry Madin.  As of this meeting, GEPAC had received no feedback.  Larry will follow up to make sure the letter was received.

4. Discuss speakers for 2011
The group discussed possible visitors and a number of good suggestions were made. Larry will follow up on: Kathleen Flint (National Postdoc Association); Ben Barres (Stanford); Mary Ann Mason (Berkeley); UNESCO ambassadors for gender equity; David provided several other suggestions post-meeting: Peggy McIntosh (Wellesley College), Frances Kendall, Lori Breslow (Director of the Teaching and Learning Lab, MIT) & Jane Dunphy (Professor and Director of the English Language Studies Program, MIT)

5. WHOI employment stats
6. Discuss conducting a survey of perceptions of gender equity and diversity at WHOI
Stace, Heidi and Tina described the statistics on institution personnel that we are planning to have routinely reported.  The group talked about what sort of questions we might want to ask of this data base. Dan M. suggested that, in addition to hard numbers such as years between promotion, that the data should include less tangible factors such as happiness.  This led into Stace’s suggestion that GEPAC undertake a survey that would follow on from the 1988 professional, institution wide, climate survey consisting of interviews and written questionnaires. She has a 189-page document that described the findings and conclusions formulated by the company that was hired, but not the written questions in original form.  Following a general discussion of the broadness and timeliness of a repeat survey, the committee voiced its support. Dan L. suggested that interviews are an important component. With Tina’s help, Stace will follow up at the next meeting with a more specific idea of what topics should be covered, which questions should be asked, etc.

7. Upcoming events and activities for Women's Committee and Diversity Committee
Stephanie reported on the Bridge Lecture Series proposed by the Diversity Committee. The next Women’s Committee event is an Audio Seminar on Thursday, February 24, at 1 pm (ET): Women's Leadership: Gaining Confidence & Credibility with Emotional Intelligence.

Action Items:

1)  Larry and Stace will follow up with administration and Dept. Chairs re: Nov. 2010 letter to Avery and Madin.

2)  Larissa and Janet will send additional info on various possible speakers. Larry will follow up on speaker suggestions above.

3)  An August or September 2011 meeting with recruitment personnel will be scheduled, as last year.

4)  Stace and Tina will come up with a more specific proposal for a survey.

5) We will invite Nancy Pacheco from MIS to our next meeting to describe employment statistics that can be generated from the database.

Minutes - 2010
Minutes - 2010

8 June 2010
Minutes by Stace Beaulieu
Meeting commenced at 14:20

Present: Larry Pratt (Co-Chair), Stace Beaulieu (Co-Chair), Tina Betti, Janet Fields, Dave Ralston, Debbie Shafer, Heidi Sosik

1) Introduction of new members and new Co-Chair
This was Stace’s first meeting as new Co-Chair. Other new members include Janet Fields, David Griffith, and Emily Shroyer. Brief introductions included our interests in the Committee’s activities at WHOI. We thank Christine Charette, Kristen Davis, and Andone Lavery for their service to the Committee, as they are rotating off.

2) Review the charge to the committee
We will propose to the Directorate the following 3 revisions:
- In 2nd sentence, replace “climate” with “equity”
- In 3rd sentence, replace “Approximately half…will rotate at the end of each calendar year” with “Members serve for approximately three years,” and
- add a member from the WHOI Diversity Committee.
The proposed revised charge is:
“To provide advice and feedback to the Co-Chairs, particularly with respect to the programs being developed to educate the Institution workforce regarding gender equity issues. The Co-Chairs will report to the Director of the Institution on progress made, and provide advice and feedback to the administration regarding further gender equity initiatives. Members serve for approximately three years, and the Committee will continue to have representation from a wide range of departments, both scientific and administrative as well as from the Women’s Committee and WHOI Diversity Committee.”

Action items:
- Stace will contact WHOI Diversity Committee regarding joint member.
- Co-Chairs will propose revisions to the charge to the Directorate.

3) Discuss current membership
Discussion of current membership included a need for representation from G&G and Marine Ops, and more male members and tech staff. Larry has contacted Dept. Chairs to identify his potential replacement as Co-Chair.

Action items:
- Larry will contact Dept. Admins. for suggestions of replacement Co-Chair.
- Co-Chairs will confirm member from Women’s Committee.
- Larry will contact suggested representatives from Marine Ops.
- Debbie will discuss with colleagues at CIS for a replacement when she rotates off.

4) Review JoAnn Moody’s visit
GEPAC’s 2009 Visiting Scholar, JoAnn Moody, conducted several meetings (i.e., with recruitment personnel, students/postdocs, and VPs/Dept. Chairs), held a public presentation, and provided written materials. A lasting impact from this visit was on the 2010 hiring process (see Item 5a).

5) Heidi's update, as outgoing Co-Chair but continuing member
a) 2010 hiring process
Some of the recommendations from JoAnn Moody’s visit were adapted by the Bio and MCG Depts. for the hiring of scientific staff in 2010. Bio Dept. prepared a one-page summary of Moody’s booklet “Rising above cognitive errors.” Heidi showed a matrix that was being used in the Bio Dept., and Dave mentioned that an adapted version of the matrix was being used in AOPE and likely in G&G as well.

Action Items:
- Heidi/Larry/Stace will call a follow-up meeting with the participants from last year’s recruitment meeting with JoAnn Moody to determine how the recommendations were put into practice this year.
- Heidi/Larry/Stace will provide summary to Directorate.

b) Gender-related employment stats
Heidi, Stace, Tina, and Anita Norton met with several persons from CIS, MIS, and others from HR in April 2010 to make progress on the automated procedure for obtaining gender-related employment stats. A follow-up meeting is planned.

6) Begin planning for future GEPAC-sponsored workshop(s)
Some discussion on hosting a high-impact, engaging public speaker to attract and revitalize attention to the Committee’s role at WHOI. Larry provided a list of suggested speakers from Joyce Yen’s visit in 2008: Chris Loving, Shelly Correll, Valerie Taylor. Larry also proposed a visit from Amnesty International to speak on the international issue of obstacles to girls in education. Stace mentioned that this public talk would bring in community interest, but that we should also hold targeted workshops at WHOI to i) relate concepts to subtle biases that occur in U.S. and ii) specific to scientists doing work in countries that are a focus of Amnesty Int’l gender-related efforts. Janet mentioned a recent talk at ADVANCE workshop related to ii).

Action Items:
- Larry will obtain more information on Amnesty International speaker. If we move forward with this, we would approach other committees for co-sponsorship.
- Janet will provide information from recent ADVANCE workshop.

7) Updates for events sponsored by other committees
Women's Comm. held event last week, Diversity Comm. has event on June 28th plus events expected later this summer, and no events currently planned for Comm. on Work and Family Life.

8) Other discussion items
a) Review and order new brochures
Action Items:
- Stace will revise brochure by removing Ombudsperson, updating EEO Officer phone number, and adding WHOI Diversity Committee (Stace already did this for revised Committee website).
- Stace will order brochures for APO and HR.

b) Possibility of gender equity survey
Stace suggested a potential activity that GEPAC may consider is conducting a survey for perceptions of gender equity at WHOI (similar to how the Sustainability Committee conducted an online survey in April 2010).

9) Set time for next regular meeting
Next meeting will depend on outcome of discussions over email re: next workshop. Stace would like to have regular meetings twice per year (e.g., June, December).

Meeting adjourned at 15:45

Minutes - 2008
July 29, 2008
Minutes taken by Christine Charrette

Present: Larry Pratt, Kristin Pangallo, Debbie Shafer, Tina Betti, Dave Ralston, Christine Charette, Peter Mollo, Andony Lavery, Heidi Sosik (via speaker phone)

Items Discussed

A.  Introductions/New Members

B.  Joyce Yen Visit

In response to staff comments and needs, GEPAC decided to contact Joyce Yen for an alternative-type gender equity visit. Dr. Yen has an NSF-Advance grant through the University of Washington.  Dr. Yen has been invited to come to WHOI to give an IAT test (she is licensed to do so) to 10-12 people.  The cost of the trial test is $500.  GEPAC will also provide a $2000 stipend to Dr. Yen and pay for her travel expenses.  Dr. Yen’s visit is scheduled for September 9 and 10, 2008.  GEPAC will be looking to her for advice on the usefulness of the “chilly climate” workshops, and advice on things our committee should be doing in the future to advance gender equity at WHOI.  The committee worked on a schedule for her two-day visit and came up with the following draft (subject to change).

Tuesday, September 9

9:00 am            Coffee with GEPAC et. Al

10:00               IAT test

12:00               Lunch with Joint Program Students

2:30                 Coffee/tea in Clark bldg. before PO seminar (et. al)

Wednesday, September 10

9:00 am            Coffee with Chemistry dept.

10:30               Attend AOPE staff meeting

12:00               Lunch with Postdocs

3:00                 Debrief with GEPAC

C.  Future Items

1. GEPAC members agreed that our committee should meet three times per year.  Our next meeting will be in late fall, 2008; Larry will send suggested dates.

2. Visiting Scholars
Larry asked the committee to think about ideas for future visiting scholars.  Some names were tossed around but nothing definitive was decided. 

Meeting adjourned at 11:22

Minutes - 2007
November 14, 2007
Minutes taken by Larry Pratt

Present: Tina Betti, Susan Stasiowski, Heidi Sosik, Dave Sutherland, Deb Shafer, Peter Mollo, Joan Watring, Ann Sweck, Liz Kujawinski, and Mike Purcell. 

1) (Membership) We need to replace a few outgoing members, including Liz and Mike. Any suggestions? 

2) (Chilly climate workshops). Heidi is trying to schedule a Dr. Bernice Sandler chilly climate workshop for early December. The workshop is aimed at new employees and others who have not yet attended one. We asked for feedback on past workshops and did not get much. 

3) (Visiting scholars). We talked about the possibility of inviting Jane Elliott, either as a speaker or to give a workshop. She is very $$$. Might want to do this jointly with Diversity Committee since Elliot’s expertise are generally in the area race, class, etc. in addition to gender. 

4) (Space) Larry handed out the results of his 2006 Space Survey (see these on Activities page). There does not seem to be any obvious discrepancy between space allocation men vs. women, but the statistics are difficult due to small numbers. There was a feeling that the senior research personal should also be included in the reporting. 

As far as periodic reporting of these numbers (by the department execs) the example that Larry handed out seemed like an acceptable format. It is roughly as follows:

Space Allocation

  male female
  office lab total office lab total
Assistant Scientists  
John Doe 157 200 357  
Jane Doe   170 174 344
standard deviation 50
Associate Scientists w/o tenure  
Larry Pratt 150 0 150  
Laurie Pratt   170 200 370
standard deviation 46
Associate Scientists w tenure  


5) (On-site daycare) Tina: A company named Bright Horizons sets up daycare. They have met with the Vice Presidents and have come up with a WHOI plan with 56 slots, including a certain number of toddlers, infants, etc.Would run 10.5 hrs/day. The cost is apparently 1.5 million to get it going. Tuition costs could be higher than local (about $300/week vs. $235/week for toddler), but they claim to have better teachers and facilities. On top of this there is an institutional cost of $100K/year to $300K/year, depending on the tuition rate. They also run daycare at LDEO and (we think) MIT. Tina has been asked by the VPs to do a survey to find out who will actually use this.


Dave Sutherland commented that Joint Program students with kids can only get daycare at MIT and therefore must reside there. There is one at the Stata Center. He is going to find out how much this costs.


Heidi asks whether WHOI coordinate a new daycare building with new housing to replace Winding Lane (which may be sold)?


There is a suggestion that GEPAC should sponsor an opening meeting to discuss these issues? For example, how will people feel about an outside company as opposed to established local organizations such as the Woods Hole CO-OP. Tina will check with the VP’s about the open meeting suggestion.


6) (Supervisors manual) Tina: HR plans a series of workshops on training people (supervisors, search committees, etc.) on how to conduct interviews. They also have a short manual called “The Interview Process”.With Deb’s help, they are revising the HR website to present this information in a better way.



June 19, 2007

In Attendance: Heidi Sosik, Tim Eglinton, David Sutherland, Tina Betti, Larry Pratt, Christine Charette, Debbie Shafer, Liz Kujawinski, Andone Lavery, Joan Watring, Alex Rao

Updates and Actions:

A). The Science article “U.S. Agencies Quiz Universities on the Status of Women in Science” was distributed (March 30, Vol 315).

B). Tim and Heidi met with all of the VPs and with Emily Schorer and Tina Betti to discuss a variety of gender equity-related topics that were raised in Beyond Bias and Barriers by the National Academies of Sciences.

  1. They would like WHOI to monitor the tangibles and statistics on women at WHOI, specifically those on the science staff.Larry Madin is working on putting the statistics together and will provide the numbers to GEPAC when assembled.
  2. They discussed instituting a new benefit for travel-related costs to apply to dependent-related expenses. An example of this is when a scientist goes to a meeting and is in need of child/elder care while at the meeting.
  3. They discussed the possibility of on-site daycare at WHOI which could include summer programs/camps for post-toddler kids.
  4. They discussed the need for training supervisors to recognize biases at work, during the interview process etc. The idea of hiring an outside service to train WHOI supervisors was mentioned.

Heidi and Tim asked the VPs to take all of the National Academies’ findings at face value and to use them as a guideline for WHOI policies and practices.

C). Tim Eglinton will be stepping down as Co-Chair of this committee to be the Department Chairperson of the Department of Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry.

D). Our next meeting will be in late summer/early fall, 2007. Items to be addressed include:

  1.   Space allocation update from Larry Pratt
  2.   The interview process and possible biases that exist during the interview process:
  1. review the HR document “Supervisor’s Guide to the Interview Process” (Tina, Joan, Liz and Debbie to make recommendations for changes to this document at our next meeting)
  2. should Dept. Chairs guide departments to ask certain questions (ie. the same questions) to each candidate
  3. educating the departments about how to interview candidates and what to ask/not to ask a candidate

Minutes - 2005
June 17, 2005

Present: Sosik, Eglinton, Walden, Purcell, Rauss, Montgomery, Gomes, Grumet, Lavery, Holland, Nemmers, Hammond, Grieve, Chandler, Farrar, Hirth, Elder, Pratt, Charette.

Absent: Kujawinski, Houtler, Lentz, Ketten

Discussion of draft presentation on Institution-wide gender equity update.

Discussion of GEPAC recommendations in response to findings from gender equity survey and update since 2000 report.

Minutes - 2004
December 21, 2004
Present: Kathy Elder, Andone Lavery, Susan Grieve, Tom Nemmers, Darlene Ketten, Chris Hammond, Ellyn Montgomery, Marjorie Holland, Heidi Sosik, Karen Rauss, Steve Lentz, Ernie Charette, and Tim Eglinton.

Absent: Barry Walden, Marsha Gomes,

Summary of Meeting

Discussion of priority gender equity issues to tackle:
- difficulty of changing people’s attitudes.

Discussion of successful NSF ADVANCE programs
- Univ. Michigan cited as an example.

Discussion of specific gender equity issues that Prof. Hopkins has encountered/tackled at M.I.T.

  • Salary, space allocations, demographics.
  • Formation of committees to look at equity on a routine basis. This has now solved the salary and space inequities.
  • Two major remaining issues are:
    - the # of women faculty
    - the “marginalization” process - the “heart and soul of the problem”.
  • Post-docs a critical juncture, esp. transition between post-doc and faculty positions.

  • Discussion of ingredients for success:
  • faculty searches: process of finding people not “business as usual”
  • provide unusual incentives.
  • need to be proactive in a sustained way.

Current Situation at MIT:

Prof. Hopkins current responsibilities:

  • Serves as a co-chair of a council on faculty diversity
- Has direct interactions w/ Provost.
- 3 new policies now in place on family leave etc.
- Undertook study and redesign of recruitment and retention of minority graduate students.

Engineering dept at MIT has seen significant change since 1997 as a direct consequence of Dean’s actions.
The # of women faculty in 1993 and 2003:
MIT wide = 8% and 13%
School of engineering: 6% and 14%

The Biology department is now 25% women, with 3 in influential positions. However, problems still remain: e.g., group proposals have often continued to exclude women.

Tenure rate for women and men at MIT is now the same in science.

The “cost” of success in science for women is often greater (e.g., exclusion from groups). Quality of life for women scientists still a big issue.

At MIT, prediction is that it will take 95 years for science faculty to reach 50% women (75 years for School of Engineering). While current Dean is supportive, their 5-year terms make sustained progress difficult.

While women in science faculty is an issue this is not always the case. For example, in the Humanities the men are marginalized.

December 6, 2004
Present: Ellyn Montgomery, Chris Hammond, Susan Grieve, Marsha Gomes, Tom Nemmers, Heidi Sosik, Kathy Elder, Steve Lentz, Karen Rauss and Tim Eglinton.

Absent: Darlene Ketten, Barrie Walden, Andone Lavery, Marjorie Holland, Ernie Charette

Agenda items:
1. Discussion of potential funding for gender equity activities at WHOI via the NSF ADVANCE program.
2. Discussion of logistics and itinerary for guest speaker Nancy Hopkins visit; co-sponsorship by TenSEC, Staff Committee, the Women’s Committee and Directorate
3. Discussion of potential retirements and new GEPAC members.
4. Discussion of content and format of Institution-wide open meeting on providing an update on gender equity issues at WHOI and recent GEPAC activities.
5. Further discussion of “Phase II” activities (format, content, target audiences).

June 3, 2004
Present: Heidi Sosik, Tim Eglinton, Marsha Gomes, Andone Lavery, Tom Nemmers, Marjorie Holland, Karen Rauss.

Absent: Ernie Charette, Kathy Elder, Susan Grieve, Christine Hammond, Darlene Ketten, Steve Lentz, Ellyn Montgomery, Barrie Walden.

Meeting minutes:

  • Summary of Chilly Climate workshops conducted to date.
  • Discussion of initial workshop survey results.
  • Potential modifications to content of on-going Gender Equity workshops.

May 3, 2004
Present: Heidi Sosik, Tim Eglinton, Marsha Gomes, Andone Lavery, Kathy Elder, Tom Nemmers, Marjorie Holland, Karen Rauss.

Absent: Ernie Charette, Darlene Ketten, Susan Grieve, Christine Hammond, Marjorie Holland, Steve Lentz, Ellyn Montgomery, Barrie Walden.

Meeting minutes:

  • Discussion of potential content and format of future workshops (2005).

April 28, 2004
Present: Heidi Sosik, Tim Eglinton, Andone Lavery, Steve Lentz, Kathy Elder, Tom Nemmers, Christine Hammond, Ernie Charette, Marjorie Holland, Ellyn Montgomery, Karen Rauss, Claire Reid.

Absent: Darlene Ketten, Marsha Gomes, Susan Grieve, Barrie Walden.

Meeting minutes:

  • New committee members.
  • Update on GEPAC website.
  • Discussion of content and format of questions for workshop surveys.
  • Encouraging attendance at workshops.
  • Selection of distinguished lecturer.

March 24, 2004
Present: Heidi Sosik, Tim Eglinton, Steve Lentz, Kathy Elder, Tom Nemmers, Christine Hammond, Ernie Charette, Susan Grieves, Marjorie Holland, Ellyn Montgomery, Karen Rauss.

Absent: Darlene Ketten, Dan Repeta, Barrie Walden.

Meeting minutes:

  • Revised charge of committee.
  • Past and future committee membership.
  • GEPAC website construction.
  • Upcoming Gender Equity workshops.
    • Feedback on preliminary workshops
    • Content
    • Attendance
    • Surveys during workshops
  • Potential distinguished lecturers.

The subject of the next GEPAC committee meeting will be:

  • Content of preliminary website.
  • Content of surveys to be carried out during workshops.
  • Content of second phase of workshops in 2005.

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