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Prizes & Recognition

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How to Qualify
  • If at least 4 of your team members meet the 2-hour per week requirement and logs are submitted on time, your team will qualify for a chance to win the weekly TEAM prize!
  • Each week, a winning TEAM will be selected based on a rotating set of criteria.  As listed below, one week may give a prize to the team with the best name.  Another week, a prize may be given to the team with the most hours exercised.
  • The important thing to remember is that to qualify for the weekly prizes, at least 4 of your team members must exercise for at least 2 hours per week and submit their logs on time!
  • No team can be awarded the "Winning Team" consecutive weekly.

Weekly Winning Criteria

Individual Raffle:  All employees who register by June 4th will automatically be entered into a random drawing (a total of 5 prizes will be awarded).

Week 1:   Most Healthy Behavior Points
Week 2:   Most Points for Participating in a WHOI-organized event
Week 3:   Best TEAM Name
Week 4:   Most Points Earned
Week 5:   Random Drawing (unless otherwise announced)
Week 6:   Drinking 6 (8 oz.) Glasses of Water Daily
Week 7:   Most Hours Exercised
Week 8:   Most Minutes Walked
Week 9:   Random Drawing (unless otherwise announced)
Week 10: Total TEAM Participation (all 5 members with at least 2-hours of activity)

New for 2010!  In addition to the above weekly team prizes, we will be offering "individual" prizes to those participants who exercise at least 2 hours every week.  Each week, we will randomly draw a winner from each of the 3 categories below.  The value of the prizes will vary based on the level of participation and will include items from our own WHOI Exhibit Center.  In order to recognize and reward as many fitness challenge members as possible, no individual will be eligible to win more than once per category throughout the 10-week challenge.

     Level 1:   Performed at least 2 but less than 4 hours of activity
     Level 2:   Performed at least 4 but less than 6 hours of activity
     Level 3:   Performed at least 6 hours of activity

Best TEAM Name Contest

For the week 3 raffle, we will hold online voting for the "Best TEAM Name" on June 24th.  Watch for details in an upcoming WHOI Headlines.  The winning team will be officially announced on July 8th!

Grand Prizes

At the end of the 10-week challenge, top individuals and teams will be recognized at our Grand Finale Ceremonial Reception.  Mark your calendars for September 9th from 11:30-1:00pm at the Carriage House.  More details on this event will follow as we approach this date.

In addition to recognizing the top achievers, we will also be holding special grand prize raffle drawings for those individuals who consistently remained active throughout the entire challenge and will be awarded for the following achievements:

     1st Place:  Performed at least 6 hours of activity each week
     2nd Place:  Performed at least 4 hours of activity each week
     3rd Place:  Performed at least 2 hours of activity each week

All team members who attend the closing ceremony will be entered to win random door prize raffles.

Last updated: March 20, 2013

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