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This group was created in 1990 after the break up of the WHOI Buoy Group. At that time, three separate technical groups were formed: Upper Ocean Processes (UOP), the Rigging Shop, and Sub-Surface Mooring Operations Group (SSMOG). More recently, a fourth technical group, the Mooring Operations, Engineering and Field Support Group, was created.

SSMOG personnel include Scott Worrilow (Group Operations Leader, Manager/Supervisor of Sub-Surface Mooring Operations Group), and Brian Hogue (Senior Engineering Assistant I).
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The primary task of SSMOG is to maintain and supply moored instruments and the data derived from them to scientists both within WHOI and outside. The majority of instruments provided under the WHOI POOL (Physical Oceanography Observing Laboratories) come from this operation. The instrument inventory includes Vector Averaging Current meters (VACM’s), McLane Moored Profilers (MMP’s), Aanderaa Current meters, Nortek Current Meters, Sea-Bird µCats (CTD recorders), Argos transmitters and acoustic releases.
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In addition to the instrument support, SSMOG personnel regularly oversee the safe deployment and recovery of the moorings that support this instrumentation.  Worrilow is also tasked with developing proposal budgets and managing grant funds allocated to SSMOG, designing moorings, handling shipping and cruise logistics, and instrument maintenance schedules.
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