Student Participation and Course Requirements


Marine Geodynamics Seminar Program

Seminars will be held 1:30-2:30 on Thuesday starting Feb. 2, ending May 11, 2010 

Student Participation
Depending on the number of students, each visiting speaker will have at least one student host (preferably a post-General student).  Hosting will entail organizing a small group of students to take the speaker to lunch (usually the Buttery and program covers expense).

All students will meet alone with the visiting speaker 1:00 -1:30 p.m. in Clark 507 to discuss readings provided by the speaker in advance (Andrew will facilitate and post pdf copies on the website).  All students are required to read the papers, and it will be useful to have the speaker’s host help lead the discussion.

This meeting will be followed by the speaker's talk, which is open to all (one of the seminar organizers will introduce the speaker).

Student Course Requirements
Credit for the seminar requires attendance at Tuesday meetings and completion of a research project (with oral presentations of results).  Some of the requirements differ for pre and post-general students

Pre-generals students: carry out a research project related to this year’s theme – preferably something outside their current field of research.  They will be required to write this work up in an 8-10 page report, due at our last class meeting.  In addition, they will give a 12-15 minute oral presentation at the end of the course, reporting the results of their findings.  Project topics are generally solicited from the WHOI staff and posted on the program website under “Student Projects”.

Post-generals students: present results from their research or a topic of interest in a 12-15 minute oral presentation at the end of the course.

Study Tour Participation
tudents coming on the field trip will research some aspect of something that will be seen in the field (instructors can give students a better idea once we finalize the field trip sites).  Participating students will also prepare a brief summary, which will be included in the field guide.  When we are in the field, students will be responsible for giving a brief presentation (informal 10 minute) on this topic to the group.  In some past programs students have been able to work on these in pairs, and prior to the trip, instructors have compiled a list of potential topics for field trip schpeels.