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Employee Testimonials

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2012 Fitness Challenge Comments.......
"I definitely exercise much more frequently during the challenge."

"I lost 15 pounds last summer."

"Those of us who participate in the Fitness Challenge really enjoy it, and we appreciate HR's efforts in doing the extra work required to make it happen. The awards cerermony with smoothies and prizes and lots of laughing and applauding each other was a great finale.  Thanks for sharing the photos of that event too."

2011 Fitness Challenge comments....

For 2011, we had 155 participants (31 Teams) in the Annual Fitness Challenge.  Each year, we survey participants for their comments and feedback to help us to make program improvements.  The following are some of the comments from last year's survey which were very helpful to us in planning the 2012 event:

Question:  Why did you participate in the Fitness Challenge?

I've participated ever year.  It's fun and it gets me motivated.

I wanted to lose weight and enjoy better fitness, and thought the encouragement of colleagues would keep me honest - it did!

I have done it before and enjoyed the camaradiere, getting to know folks I wouldn't otherwise and putting my focus on health issues such as exercise and diet.

Question:  What motivated you most throughout the Challenge?

Keeping track of my points definitely motivates me!

Setting my own personal goals to exercise every day.  The daily log kept me disciplined.  And, I tried to score points for my team!

Question:  Would you participate in another WHOI Fitness Challenge?

95% of those who took the survey responded positively!

Yes, it gets you up and moving instead of sitting at a desk through lunch.

Yes, I think the Fitness Challenge is the most positive and fun thing that WHOI does as an employee activity.

Question:  How can we get others to participate?

Ask existing team members to spread the word.

Split the events in the Village and Quissett campuses more evenly.


"The Fitness Challenge motivated me to exercise about 2 hours more a week than I normally would"...Anonymous

"This is a great annual event with marvelous support and interaction from HR.  Lots of time and energy goes into planning and this healthy, fun event annually.  It should not be missed!"...Anonymous

"Joining the Fitness Challenge has gotten me more active than I have been in years.  Definitely worth the effort!"...Anonymous

2010 Fitness Challenge comments...

The following are comments from the 2010 Fitness Challenge survey:

Question:  Reasons for participating in the Fitness Challenge?

I like being part of the multiple team efforts across WHOI; it brings us all together in some way.  The Challenge is also a motivation to move.

To help me get in better shape and to promote teamwork and office comaraderie.

I exercise regularly and eat healthfully anway but it's great to get credit for it!  Plus, the Challenge encourages me to take "the extra step" and walk a little longer or take a bike ride.

Question:  What motivated you most throughout the 10-week Challenge?

To try to beat my own points every week.

Developing healthy habits; making a lifestyle change.

The commitment made to the Team.

My personal training goals, seeing numerically how I was performing and staying in shape.


"This year during the Fitness Challenge I lost over 20 lbs.  I have been involved in the Fitness Challenge in the past, but this year I wanted to do more.  I wasn't pleased with how I looked, and it was finally time to do something about it.  The Fitness Challenge assisted with the weight loss and I now have more energy and feel great!"...Anonymous

"Through the Fitness Challenge, I was able to see that I do not drink enough water.  Focusing on drinking more water and changing up my normal routine of exercise, I was able to drop 10 lbs."...Anonymous

"I just wanted to write and let you know how amazing this year's Fitness Challenge has been for myself, and my teammates. Each week we've taken on the challenges with vigor, while at the same time, each of us are chasing our own private goals.

During these 10 weeks, my goal is to get to a healthy 22 BMI from almost 24, and I'm almost there! I can see and feel the difference in myself by eating well, drinking water, and exercising daily. And, I'm getting OUT of my office! Every lunch hour I use the fitness trail, and if it's super hot, I jump into the ocean and swim as well. How cool is it to work at Woods Hole Oceanographic, right?

I wanted to let you know that you all have made a difference, and I, as well as others, really appreciate the efforts you have put into this program. It motivates!"...Katherine Spencer Joyce, TEAM Weapons of Mass Reduction

2009 Fitness Challenge comments...
At the close the Challenge, participants were asked to complete a survey rating the program and asking for comments and feedback about this year's program.  Out of 25 completed surveys, this is what some of you had to say:

"I enjoyed the camaraderie of the team and it made me think more about my fitness and eating habits."

"Loved competing against other teams, with own team, and with self to try and improve from week to week."

"I think the fitness challenge is a great idea.  If not for the program, I would not exercise as much.  It is a great incentive and I found myself eating healthier and I have drunk so much water.  I noticed a couple of weeks into the program that I felt better and my overall health was better."

"It was a fun way to exercise and stay healthy and even helped to lower my blood pressure."

"I thoroughly enjoyed being on a team and being motivated by other teams.  The fitness seminars were very interesting and the prizes were great fun."

"I enjoyed the camaraderie with my colleagues/teammates, and it encouraged me to get out and walk when I might have worked through lunch instead."

"I like the way the rewards were given for other things besides just most time or amount of exercise.  It recognized simple participation and effort, as much as athletic ability."

"It motivates me to exercise and eat right - what could be better than that?  Great prizes too!  The online log with automatic calculation of points was wonderful."

Last updated: May 6, 2015

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