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Manipulators & Sampling


Schilling Titan 4:
Hydraulic, 7-function, 6 degrees of freedom
Kraft Predator II: Hydraulic, 7-function, 6 degrees of freedom, force-reflecting, 122kg (269 lbs.) at full reach (1,922mm / 76 in.)
Additional: Five hydraulic, bi-directional functions available to science

Storage: Forward sampling basket, 98cm (38.5 in.) x 1.52m (60 in.) with hydraulic movement; Two swing arms on either side, 51cm (20 in.) x 51cm (20 in.), with hydraulic movement
Payload: 130kg (400 lbs.) maximum, depending on vehicle configuration
Elevator sampler: Mission configurable; Free adescent/ascent; 90kg (200 lbs.) payload

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Last updated: March 20, 2013