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Speaker Presentation Summaries

February 28, 2008

Basal Subduction Erosion and the Formation of the Aleutian Terrace and Underlying Forearc Basin

David W. Scholl
U.S. Geological Survey
Menlo Park, California

February 21, 2008

The Hydrogeological Systems of Incoming Oceanic Plates and Overriding Convergent Margins of Subduction Zones: Insights from Studies of the Middle America Trench

César R. Ranero
ICREA at Instituto de Ciencias del Mar, CSIC
Centro Mediterráneo de Investigaciones Marinas y Ambientales

February 14, 2008

Thermal modeling of the forearc-arc region of subduction zones and implications for subduction zone processes

Ikuko Wada
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria, Canada
Pacific Geoscience Centre, Geological Survey of Canada