Semester at WHOI Research Projects


The program features a semester-long, for-credit research project directly advised by a WHOI scientist or engineer in a wide range of oceanographic research areas.

See the WHOI Areas of Research and WHOI Departments, Centers & Labs for potential projects and advisors.

2017 SAW student research projects

Winter Rainfall in Southwest Western Australia and Its Spatial and Temporal Relationships with Oceanic and Atmospheric Conditions
Nathaniel Cresswell-Clay, Tufts University
Advisor: Caroline Ummenhofer, Physical Oceanography

How manipulations to microbial communities and lability of marsh grass detritus alter nutrient cycling dynamics in tidal creek sediments
Katelyn Rainville, Mount Holyoke College
Advisor: Amanda Spivak, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

2016 SAW student research projects

Localized impact of aquaculture effluent on Red Sea coral reef water nutrients and microorganisms
Cynthia Becker, Ithaca College
Advisor: Amy Apprill, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

Design of an Imaging System for a Glider
Laura Chrobak, University of California, Berkeley
Advisors: James Kinsey and Brian Claus, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering

Wind wave production on a gently sloping tidal flat
Lauren Dana, Bryn Mawr College
Advisor: Britt Raubenheimer, Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering

Observing the Atlantic Meridional Mode (AMM) in simulations of North Atlantic hurricanes
Patrick Orenstein, Brown University
Advisor: Jeff Donnelly, Geology and Geophysics

Tracking ocean productivity through stable carbon isotope analysis in meso and bathy pelagic fishes of the North Atlantic
Mary Caroline Regan, Wake Forest University
Advisor: Simon Thorrold, Biology

2015 SAW student research projects

Ice Rafted Debris Exceeds Proglacial River Sediment as a Source of Potentially Bioavailable Iron to Coastal Waters in Greenland
Megan Behnke, St. Olaf College
Advisors: Matt Charette, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry, and Fiamma Straneo, Physical Oceanography

Timescales and Efficiency of Salt Marsh Restoration
Lina Davidson, Barnard College
Advisor: Amanda Spivak, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry

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