R/V Atlantis Data Collection


Data from the ship's instruments are collected on a server and shared on the networks.

Data may include:

  • ADCP data collected using UHDAS
  • CTD using Seabird Software
  • Multibeam  using Kongsberg SIS software
  • Underway positioning, surface seawater and meteorlogical data using dsLog
  • XBT
  • Knudsen 3.5KHz and/or 12KHz
  • Magnetometer
  • Gravimeter

GPS data  are available via RS232 or UDP port 55000.

GYRO data are available via RS232 or UDP port 55100.

Other underway data are also available via RS232 or UDP- contact sssg@atlantis.whoi.edu if you require a full description of data and/or UDP ports.

The R2R Eventlog is available for science use.

At the end of the cruise the Chief Scientist will get one  USB drive with the official cruise data. A copy will also be sent back to WHOI's Data Library and  to R2R (http://rvdata.us) . During the precruise planning stage the Chief Scientist can ask for a 2 year embargo on the data.

 Alvin video and data is package separately from the above ship data.