How much does it cost to use Jason?
Jason's Day Rate is determined yearly based on the projected number of use days and costs to cover the proposed expeditions. At year end, adjusted costs divided by # use days gives the Actual Day Rate. The Provisional Cost is detemined by submission of an annual proposal to the user agencies (NSF, ONR, NOAA)

How many people does it take to operate Jason?

How deep can Jason go?

How fast can Jason travel along the sea floor?

What video does Jason collect?

Can I do sonar mapping with Jason?

How do I schedule Jason?
Be sure to check the ROV box on the UNOLS Ship Time request Form

How to I communicate my cruise requirements to the National Deep Submergence Facility (NDSF)?
By filling out the cruise planning questionnaire

What does
Medea do?
Medea serves as a shock absorber, buffering Jason from the movements of the ship, while providing lighting and a bird’s eye view of the ROV during seafloor operations.

How did
Jason and Medea get their names?
Jason and Medea are named for the adventurous ocean explorer of Greek mythology and for his wife.