Lecture Series


The Summer Lecture Series provides our Summer Student Fellows and entering Joint Program Students with a popular and very useful introduction to the breadth of oceanographic research at WHOI. The speakers are asked to gear their talks to a college Junior/Senior level, and we ask speakers to remember that many in their audience will have had little or no previous oceanography course work. Speakers are encouraged to make their talks as interactive as possible in order to motivate students to participate and ask questions.

"I really appreciated the Summer Lecture Series--I think that one of the best parts of the SSF program is that you become exposed to all different areas of Oceanography, and the lecture series was one of the primary methods for doing so! I feel like I learned so much, and it really broadened my horizons." SSF '11

2016 Summer Student Lecture Series

Wed, June 1  
(Smith conf. room)

Welcome to WHOI & Safety Lecture
9:30– Welcome to WHOI
Lauren Mullineax, Chair of Summer Student Fellowship Committee
Jim Yoder, Dean
Valerie Caron, Housing Coordinator
10:00 –  Maureen Auro, Safety Orientation
11:15 – WHOI/MBL Library tour 

Wed, June 8 (Redfield Aud)

9:30 – Alison Macdonald, PO, "Getting to the Bottom of It: Climate Change in the Ocean Abyss"
10:00Yogi Girdhar, AOPE, "Building a curious underwater exploration robot"

Wed, June 15
(Clark 507)

9:30 – Liviu Giosan, G&G, “Climate, Landscapes and Past Civilizations”
10:00 – Ray Schmitt, PO, “The Changing Global Water Cycle”

Wed, June 22
(Redfield Aud)

9:30 –Hauke Kite-Powell, MPC, “How does the ocean contribute to New England's economy?”
10:00Tristan Horner, MC&G, “What can isotopes tell us about the oceans, life, and Earth History?”

Wed, June 29
(Clark 507)

9:30 – Larry Pratt, PO, “Using chaos theory to understand mixing in the ocean”
10:00 – Delia Oppo, G&G, “Changes in Atlantic Ocean Circulation since the Last Ice Age”

Wed, July 6
(Redfield Aud)

9:30 – Neel Aluru, BIO, “Role of epigenetics in ecology and in response to stressors”
10:00 – Gordon Zhang, AOPE, “A direct intrusion of Gulf Stream ring water onto the Mid-Atlantic Bight continental shelf”

Wed, July 13
(Clark 507)

9:30 – Colleen Hansel, MC&G, “Biomineralization: How and Why Microbes Make Minerals”
10:00 – Samuel Munoz, G&G, “The Past, Present and Future of the Mighty Mississippi”

Wed, July 20 Tioga cruise week - no lectures scheduled
Wed, July 27
(Redfield Aud)

9:00Laela Sayigh, BIO, “Insights into the complex communication system of the common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)"
9:30Meagan Gonneea, USGS, “What happens when the tides flow again: Climate implications of salt marsh restoration”

Wed, August 3
(Redfield Aud)

9:30 – Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, MC&G, “The Importance of Rivers to the Ocean”
10:00 – John Stegeman, BIO, “How do organisms respond to chemicals in the ocean?”