Ocean Explorer Magazine

Designed for students in grades 4-8 in the 1990's,these Ocean Explorer magazines combine compelling descriptions of ocean sciences with vivid images.

Devil Storms: An inside guide to hurricanes

Volume 1, Number 1
September, 1991
PDF format [0.8mb]

Arctic Adventure

Volume 1, Number 2
December, 1991
PDF format [0.77mb]

Underwater Volcanoes

Volume 1, Number 3
March, 1991
PDF format [0.86mb]

Traveling to Inner Space

Volume 1, Number 4
May, 1991
PDF format [0.95mb]

Deep-Sea Smoke? Not.

Volume 2, Number 1
September, 1992
PDF format [0.86mb]

The Frozen Continent

Volume 2, Number 2
December, 1992
PDF format [0.8mb]

Seeing is Believing How Oceanographers Glimpse the Hidden Seafloor

Volume 2, Number 3
March, 1993
PDF format [0.69mb]

Looking Backward Placing Together the Earth's Mysterious Past

Volume 3, Number 1
September, 1993
PDF format [0.74mb]

Down to the Sea with Ships

Volume 3, Number 2
December, 1992
PDF format [0.63mb]

Being There Telecommunications, Remote-sensing and Oceanography

Volume 3, Number 3
March, 1994
PDF format [0.69mb]

The Ocean in Motion

Volume 3, Number 4
May, 1994
PDF format [0.69mb]

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Volume 4, Number 1
September, 1994
PDF format [0.77mb]

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Volume 4, Number 2
December, 1994
PDF format [0.82mb]

Where Have All the Fish Gone?

Volume 4, Number 3
March, 1995
PDF format [0.69mb]

The Sea from Space

Volume 4, Number 4
May, 1995
PDF format [0.67mb]