HOV Alvin


Making a Cruise Plan for Alvin

Submitting a cruise plan well in advance is essential to planning a successful dive.

Scheduling of Days on Station

This section includes information about scheduling days on station.

Foreign Research Clearances

If you plan to work within 200 NM or visit a port in a foreign country, formal permission from that country might be required up to seven months or more before your cruise.

Navy Clearances

Each Alvin dive requires U.S. Navy area clearance to ensure the safety of both Alvin and other vessels.

Gas Testing of Equipment to be Used in Alvin's Personnel Sphere

The U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Alvin's certifying agency, requires the testing of all scientific instrumentation brought into the personnel sphere for toxicity and flammability.

Data Deliverables and Media

Useful information about Alvin data deliverables, duplication and media types.