NDSF Data Servers


Marine Geoscience Data System

The marine geoscience data system provides access to data portals for the Ridge 2000 and MARGINS programs, the Antarctic and Ridge Multibeam Bathymetry Synthesis projects, and the Seismic Reflection Field Data Center. These projects are being developed as a single integrated system, providing uniform access to a variety of marine geoscience data types collected throughout the global oceans.

Alvin Underwater Photo Database

The Underwater Image Database is an index to 35mm photographs taken from the Deep Submergence Vehicle Alvin. These scanned images are highlights from a larger collection of images of the ocean floor.

East Pacific Rise Photo Galleries

The photographs in the East Pacific Rise (EPR) Photo Galleries have been selected by D. Fornari, K. Buckman and T. Shank at WHOI to provide a decadal perspective on Alvin diving at the East Pacific Rise in the 9N region, an area of research interest for numerous investigators including those involved in the National Science Foundation's Ridge2000 Program.

Hawaii Mapping Research Group (HMRG)

Processing and mapping for the WHOI DSL-120A deep towed 120 kHz mapping system.

Seafloor Data and Observation Visualization Environment (SeaDOVE): A Web-served GIS Database of Multi-scalar Seafloor Data

Data at these locations include multibeam bathymetry, high-resolution scanning altimetry, deep-towed sidescan sonar, seafloor digital photographs, sample locations, deep-towed magnetic data, and more.

SIOExplorer Digital Library Project

Data, documents and images from 822 expeditions by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) since 1903 are becoming web-accessible under a usage policy through the new SIOExplorer project, and will become part of the overall NSF-funded National Science Digital Library (NSDL). The effort is a collaboration among researchers at Scripps, computer scientists from the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), and archivists and librarians from the UCSD Library.