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Interrogating the 'Great Ocean Conveyor'

Is the Atlantic's circulation slowing down? Moorings in rough waters monitor the ocean's pulse.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

A 3-D Underwater Soundscape

A large-scale experiment sheds light on sound in the coastal ocean
Source: Oceanus Magazine

Letter from Kangiqsujuaq

A mooring in the remote Hudson Strait offers a finger on the pulse of unfolding Arctic change
Source: Oceanus Magazine

Reaching Up Into Perilous, Icy Waters

The 'Arctic Winch' sends sensors toward the underside of sea ice—and back again
Source: Oceanus Magazine

A Mooring Built to Survive the Irminger Sea

It takes a tough buoy to stand tall when tip jets howl off the Greenland ice cap
Source: Oceanus Magazine

Scientists Gear Up to Launch Ocean Observing Networks

Stations throughout the oceans can monitor conditions and transmit data 24-7
Source: Oceanus Magazine

The Hunt for 18° Water

Oceanographers examine “mode waters” that save the signals of past winters
Source: Oceanus Magazine

Dust Busters for the Oceans

A new instrument seeks answers that are blowing in the wind
Source: Oceanus Magazine

A Sentry at the Atlantic Gateway

Experimental mooring monitors water flow through Hudson Strait
Source: Oceanus Magazine

Going Wireless in the Deep Blue

Deploying instruments to monitor the ocean is one thing. Getting daily reports from them is another.
Source: Oceanus Magazine

What Could a Tsunami Network Look Like in the Future?

WHOI engineers develop the next generation of ocean monitoring technologies
Source: Oceanus Magazine

Seafloor to Surface to Satellite to Shore

Moored buoys offer potential for continuous, real-time observations anywhere in the ocean
Source: Oceanus Magazine

WHOI News Releases

Real-Time Seismic Monitoring Station Installed Atop Active Underwater Volcano

A new mooring system advances technologies for monitoring geologic hazards in the coastal ocean
Source: Media Relations

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