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Pressure Test Facility

WHOI maintains a facility in Woods Hole village with three vessels for external pressure testing of scientific and engineering equipment. A high pressure outlet is also available for internal testing. The medium is normally fresh water at room temperature, but oil may be floated above the water in special circumstances. The use of seawater or other corrosive fluid is allowable, but a vessel liner must be employed to isolate the liquid. Destructive testing of implodable items (e.g. glass spheres) is not permitted. Overhead electric hoists are positioned to assist in loading/unloading the vessels.

The smaller test chamber measures 8-11/16 inches in diameter by 34 inches long, tapering to 3-3/8 inches in diameter for a total depth of 48 inches. The larger can accommodate instruments up to 24 inches in diameter and is 96 inches long. Various electrical penetrations are available in both pressure vessels.

Tests to 10,200 psi may be conducted in the smaller chamber, while the large one is capable of 20,000 psi tests. The large chamber also has a water chiller that allows tests down to 4 degrees C.

Contact Christopher Griner at cgriner@whoi.edu or pressuretest@whoi.edu for more information.