southern ocean hybrid profiler mooring

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Southern Ocean hybrid profiler mooring.

Global Subsurface Hybrid Profiler Mooring

The global hybrid profiler mooring will support sensors in the deep wire-following profiler and in the profiling body of the shallow surface-piercing profiler.

The subsurface mooring is, at its core, a conventional design with a subsurface buoy at approximately 250 m depth. A single uninterrupted shot of wire rope runs from the subsurface buoy to the sea floor or up to the maximum manufactured length of wire (about 4500 m) in deep water. A wire-following profiler will operate along this section of the mooring.

At the top of the subsurface buoy, an electromechanical universal joint and electro-mechanical (EM) chain will be connected to the lower tether of a two-body surface-piercing profiler consisting of a separate winch and profiler.

The winch body moves down as the profiler moves up, and operates in a depth range of 150-230 m. The profiler body operates in a depth range of 150 m to the surface.