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On the mission was Meghan Jones, a graduate student in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography, seen here inside Alvin. Bob Waters, WHOI Alvin used its manipulator arm to pick up potential popping rocks on its first dive. Mark Kurz, WHOI Mark Kurz, WHOI When Alvin resurfaced, researchers brought the rocks from the seafloor into a lab on the ship. “We eagerly awaited the samples,” Jones said. “When we heard a pop, everyone erupted. To have it happen on the very first dive was incredible!” Meghan Jones, WHOI vesicle (magnified 10,000X) Jones is using X-ray microtomography to examine the internal structure of the rocks and the vesicles inside them. She hopes to learn more about the geological processes that created the rocks. The vesicles also give chemists a rare chance to analyze primordial gases that were trapped in Earth’s mantle when our planet was forming. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 23