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Scott Dodd

Scott Dodd could probably be considered a "landlubber," but his favorite places have always been near the water. As a kid, he lived mainly in landlocked states—West Virginia, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania—but he did spend several years in Louisiana, where he developed a taste for oysters and fried catfish. He loved taking trips on a family friend's shrimping boat, but they usually resulted in either seasickness or scary encounters with a school of stingrays. Since growing up, he has spent time biking along the Outer Banks, snorkeling off the Florida Keys, and most recently, kayaking on the eastern shore of Long Island.

As a newspaper reporter at The Charlotte Observer, Scott wrote about rip currents, beach erosion, recovered Confederate submarines, newly discovered shark species, and many other stories related to the coasts of the Carolinas. He covered several destructive hurricanes, including Katrina. In 2006, Columbia University offered him a fellowship to study science writing, and he moved to New York City, graduating in 2007 with a master of arts degree. He continued to develop his specialization in writing about science and the environment by participating in the 2007 Ocean Science Journalism Fellowship at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Today, Scott works as a writer and Web editor for the Natural Resources Defense Council and lives with his wife in Manhattan. If he sticks his head out of their apartment window, he can sometimes see the boats plying the Hudson River.

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