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Daniel Cojanu

Daniel Cojanu is a director of photography and editor with diverse experience in feature film, documentary, commercial and television production. After cutting his teeth as a news cameraman in post-communist Romania's TV broadcast industry, he attended the National University of Theater & Film and the BBC School for Broadcast Journalism in Bucharest.

Cojanu has worked as a camera operator and cinematographer on various international film productions, as well as television series, short films, and commercials broadcast in Europe and the United States.

After moving to Cape Cod in 2008, Cojanu and his wife, Elise Hugus, co-founded UnderCurrent Productions, which has produced several videos for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

When not framing and editing fabulous shots, Cojanu can be found playing basketball, gardening, or teaching black-and-white photography; when the water temperatures dip below 50, he is either surfing, back-country skiing, or fishing for striped bass.

Daniel Cojanu

(Photo by Elise Hugus)

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