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September 2008

Volcanoes, Pilots Whales, and Climate Change

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Research News

The Spiral Secret to Mammal Hearing

... and other recent research findings by WHOI scientists

Will Climate Change Disrupt the Arctic Ecosystem?

WHOI biologist led ambitious expedition to the Bering Sea aboard the icebreaker Healy

Crack! A Lake Atop Greenland Disappears

Water penetrates thick ice, lubricating the base of glaciers

Cytobot Gives Early Red Tide Warning

Automated underwater microscope detects unexpected harmful algal bloom

Deeply Submerged Volcanoes Blow Their Tops

Telltale rocks reveal evidence of a phenomenon scientists thought was impossible

Knorr Skirts Ice to Search for 'Arctic Haze'

WHOI research ship helps track pollutants and their impacts near the Pole

Ocean Technology

'Green' Energy Powers Undersea Glider

Thermal glider uses heat from the ocean to fly through the deep blue

Students at Work

Antarctic Andrea

Opportunity knocks for a MIT/WHOI graduate student to join a polar expedition

Protecting Public Health by Preventing Pollution

A graduate student seeks ways to curtail contaminants in the environment

For Graduate Student, Research Is a Gas

Well, two gases actually, and both have key impacts on climate

A Conversation With...

She's Got the Whole Fleet in Her Hands

A conversation with WHOI ship scheduler Liz Caporelli

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