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Fees estimated using this calculator should match exactly those which will ultimately be assessed. However, the fees actually assessed will reflect the procedures actually employed. Until the analysis have been completed, there is always a chance the actual procedures will differ from those envisiond in preparation of any estimates. Analyses are invoiced after results are reported.

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Delta 13C Analysis
Small Sample Preparation

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Organic Carbon

Requires pretreatment to remove inorganic carbon and/or base-soluble organic acids such as fulvic or humic acid e.g. charcoal, peat, sediments, etc.

Pretreated Organic Carbon

Requires no pretreatment prior to combustion. Considered "ready to burn."

Delta 13C Analysis

Refers to stable isotope measurement of a 10% split of the CO2 generated from the sample.  This is not required for AMS analysis but offered as an ancillary measurement.

Small Sample Preparation

Additional fee for handling samples with an extracted carbon mass of 25-100 micrograms (2-8 micromoles) pure carbon. Greater than 100 micrograms (8 umols) C is considered a regular sample size.