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Fees for Radiocarbon Analyses

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Fees at NOSAMS are set with the concurrence of the NOSAMS Advisory and Planning Board and the National Science Foundation.

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  U.S. Government 
Federally Funded Price
Full Price
Analysis Type 1-10 samples > 10   1-10 samples > 10
Organic carbon 
(requires pre-processing)
$344 $332   $688 $664
Organic carbon 
(ready to burn)
$280 $268   $560 $536
Bone $609 $584   $1218 $1168
Water DIC
(Dissolved Inorganic Carbon)
$359 $347   $718 $694
Water DOC
(Dissolved Organic Carbon)
$499 $482   N/A N/A
Carbonate minerals $280 $268   $560 $536
Carbon dioxide $166 $162   $332 $324
Graphite $133 $122   $266 $244
 Rapid, Lower Precision Analysis      
Gas Ion Source (carbonate) $57   Only available with federal funding
Reconnaissance (carb. and org.) $114   Only available with federal funding
Ancillary Measurements         
 δ13by stable isotope
   mass spectrometer
$17 $16   $34 $32
Swipe/ 14C Contam. check $119 $107   $238 $214

A $30 (federally-funded) handling and analysis surcharge applies to small samples (2-9 µmol).

A $200 (federally-funded) surcharge applies to high precision analysis (minimum batch size 5 samples).

Analyses are invoiced after results are reported.

Additional fees may be assessed for preparation of samples not ready for routine processing, samples which yield no analyzable carbon or those withdrawn at client request.

Last updated: January 28, 2014

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