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World-first probe into an active submarine volcano

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The Fiery Mountains Under The Sea

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A close-up look at an uncommon underwater eruption

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Scientists use 'missile' to study volcanoes

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New view of Rainier's volcanic plumbing

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New view of Rainier's volcanic plumbing

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A Brief History of Awesome Robots

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Mariana trench fuels volcanoes and quakes

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Deep-sea Volcanoes Proven to Explode

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Submarine volcanoes to be explored

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Underwater volcanoes explored

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Life Versus the Volcanoes

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Underwater volcanoes discovered off California

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Exploring Asphalt Volcanoes On The Seafloor

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UCSB Geologists Find Underwater Volcanoes

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Dormant asphalt volcanoes found on sea floor off Santa Barbara

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Huge Asphalt Volcanoes Discovered Off California

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Life In An Undersea Volcano

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Haiti earthquake: Why the Caribbean is a mini ring of fire

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West Mata Underwater Volcano Explosions

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ROV records volcano erupting on ocean floor

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Robot Records Deepest Erupting Undersea Volcano

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Deepest volcano caught on Pacific Ocean video

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Active Eruption of NW Rota-1 Submarine Volcano

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Team explores subsea volcano

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Arctic Volcanoes Found Active at Unprecedented Depths

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Arctic volcanoes exploded at 'impossible' depth

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