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In Search of the Pink and White Terraces

WHOI vehicles help find landmarks lost in 1886 eruption

Undersea Asphalt Volcanoes Discovered

Erupting oil paved the seafloor with mysterious mounds

Robot Paints Stunning Map of Deep-sea Volcano

Sonar images reveal submerged Pacific Ocean volcano in glorious detail

Jason Versus the Volcano

Undersea robot provides a rare close-up view of a deep-sea eruption

Into the 'Mouth of Hell'

A journey into the crater of an active volcano

To Catch an Erupting Volcano

Rapid mobilization team springs into action

One of the Greatest Volcanic Shows on Earth

Inside a crater, a scientist seeks clues to the formation of the vast Deccan Traps

Ears in the Ocean

Hydrophones reveal a whole lot of previously undetected seafloor shaking going on

Mid-Atlantic Ridge Volcanic Processes

How Erupting Lava Forms Earth's Anatomy

The Magnetic Thickness Of A Recent Submarine Lava Flow

Data Collected by Autonomous Underwater Vehicle