Underwater Vehicles


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Reviving the Search for MH370

:: The Today Show


:: Associated Press - The Big Story

University scientists discover possible 18th century shipwreck

:: United Press International

Drones tested to find way through thick Antarctic sea ice

:: Australian Broadcasting Company - The World Today

Engineers Bring Cognitive Capabilities to Robots

:: Engineering.com

It's going swimmingly for submersible robots

:: Houston Chronicle

NOVA: Why Planes Vanish

:: PBS

James Cameron: Deep-Sea Director

:: Men's Journal

ALVIN - Still Deep Diving at 50

:: WCAI Cape & Islands NPR station

The Evolution of Alvin

:: National Geographic

Remembering Nereus, Explorer of Ocean Depths

:: Science Friday

Requiem for an ROV

:: Science

Goodbye Forever, Beloved Robot

:: The Atlantic

Six miles under the Pacific, a robot implodes

:: Christian Science Monitor

Robotic Deep-Sea Explorer Lost

:: Discovery News

Deepest-diving sub implodes in Kermadec trench

:: New Scientist

Deep-Sea Vehicle Nereus Lost 6 Miles Down

:: National Geographic

Robots Explore the World's Deepest Ocean Trenches

:: Scientific American

His Life Aquatic

:: The Magazine

Hydroid rides high by going deep

:: Cape Cod Times

James Cameron on the New Age of Exploration, Part 2

:: Scientific American


:: Oceano Magazine

Cameron donated deep-sea submarine to WHOI

:: enorth.com

James Cameron donates Deepsea Challenger

:: digitaljournal.com

James Cameron Donates Submersible

:: The Scientist

Cameron donates dive craft, says 3D movie due in fall

:: MSN India Entertainment

Avatar director donates dive craft, says 3D movie due in fall

:: The Daily Star Lebanon News

James Cameron Gives Deep Sea Sub to Science

:: Our Amazing Planet

James Cameron donates Mariana Trench sub to Woods Hole

:: Boston Business Journal

Titanic Director Donates Deep-Sea Craft to Institute

:: New York Times

James Cameron Gives Deep Sea Sub to Science

:: Live Science

Director Cameron gives sub to Mass. scientists

:: The Boston Globe

Two Miles of Sea Covers Big Oil's Next-Generation Field

:: Bloomberg Business

James Cameron's sub given to science

:: BBC News

James Cameron To Donate Submarine to Science

:: Discovery News

Probing the ocean's undiscovered depths

:: kcra.com

Earth Life May Have Originated at Deep-Sea Vents

:: Space.com

Wireless communication system for real-time ROV control

:: Offshore Engineer

Woods Hole deep sea submersible gets a makeover

:: Boston Globe

Robots ride the ocean blue

:: BBC News

Robot to hunt for body

:: Cape Cod Times

Bay State swimming with robots

:: Boston Business Journal

Deep-sea research: Dive master

:: Nature

Who should be in the Robot Hall of Fame?

:: CNN.com

Exploring Earth's final frontier

:: Vancouver Sun

Space on Earth

:: The Boston Globe

The Titanic: Seeing is knowing

:: Boston Globe

Descending to Study Life in Deepest Oceans

:: Hydro International

Texas institute to help refit submersible Alvin

:: Lubbock Online

Wreck discoverers hope to confirm their find

:: Robotics Technology

Tomorrow's Solutions to Today's Ocean Challenges

:: Hydro International

Submersible sphere made by Ladish

:: Trading Markets

Submersible sphere made by Ladish

:: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Upgrading the Famous Alvin Research Submersible

:: Space Ref

Upgraded sub could reach 98 percent of ocean deep

:: Mother Nature Network

Ocean science giant Alvin set for upgrade

:: BBC News

Famous deep-sea submersible to get upgrade

:: UPI.com

Oldest research sub set for rebirth

:: Scientific American

High-tech Sub Reveals 3-D Images of Titanic

:: NBC Nightly News

"Daily Planet" - Nereus

:: Discovery Channel-Canada

Tools of the Trade: Nereus

:: Discover Magazine

Submersible Alvin awaits major overhaul

:: Cape Cod Times

World's Deepest Diving Vehicle Explores Mariana Trench

:: Johns Hopkins Gazette

Nereus HROV Becomes World's Deepest Diver

:: Robots.net

Sub Explores Ocean's Deepest Trench

:: Live Science

Robot sub aims for deepest ocean

:: BBC News

Ann Goes to the Bottom of the Sea

:: Today Show- NBC