Ocean Trenches


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Expedition probes ocean trench's deepest secrets

:: Science Magazine

Expedition probes ocean trench's deepest secrets

:: MSN video

Why We Must Explore the Sea

:: Smithsonian

James Cameron: Deep-Sea Director

:: Men's Journal

Into the Abyss: the Hadal Zone

:: BBC Radio 4

Submersible loss hits research

:: Nature

Sub implosion leaves a void at WHOI

:: Cape Cod Times Online

Remembering Nereus, Explorer of Ocean Depths

:: Science Friday

Requiem for an ROV

:: Science

Goodbye Forever, Beloved Robot

:: The Atlantic

Six miles under the Pacific, a robot implodes

:: Christian Science Monitor

Robotic Deep-Sea Explorer Lost

:: Discovery News

Deepest-diving sub implodes in Kermadec trench

:: New Scientist

Deep-Sea Vehicle Nereus Lost 6 Miles Down

:: National Geographic

To Hades and Back: One Trench Among Many

:: Scientific American

Exploring Earth's Deepest Ocean Trenches

:: Kansas City Infozine

Robots Explore the World's Deepest Ocean Trenches

:: Scientific American

Remarkable diversity of life found in sea canyons off Northeast coast

:: Christian Science Monitor

Explorers return to Cayman Trough

:: Caymanian Compass


:: Oceano Magazine

Cameron donated deep-sea submarine to WHOI

:: enorth.com

James Cameron donates Deepsea Challenger

:: digitaljournal.com

James Cameron Donates Submersible

:: The Scientist

Cameron donates dive craft, says 3D movie due in fall

:: MSN India Entertainment

Avatar director donates dive craft, says 3D movie due in fall

:: The Daily Star Lebanon News

James Cameron Gives Deep Sea Sub to Science

:: Our Amazing Planet

James Cameron donates Mariana Trench sub to Woods Hole

:: Boston Business Journal

Titanic Director Donates Deep-Sea Craft to Institute

:: New York Times

James Cameron Gives Deep Sea Sub to Science

:: Live Science

Director Cameron gives sub to Mass. scientists

:: The Boston Globe

James Cameron's sub given to science

:: BBC News

James Cameron To Donate Submarine to Science

:: Discovery News

Microbes flourish at deepest ocean site

:: Science News

Earth Life May Have Originated at Deep-Sea Vents

:: Space.com

New View of the Deepest Trench : Image of the Day

:: Earth Observatory

Exploring Earth's final frontier

:: Vancouver Sun

Space on Earth

:: The Boston Globe

Cameron: Earth's Deepest Spot Desolate, Foreboding

:: Daily News Egypt

Mariana trench fuels volcanoes and quakes

:: Futurity: Research News

Cameron: Earth's deepest spot desolate, foreboding

:: Pekin Daily Times

Descending to Study Life in Deepest Oceans

:: Hydro International

James Cameron returns from the deep

:: Nature

Cameron Completes Titanic Solo Journey to the Ocean Floor

:: Scientific American

James Cameron returns from the deep

:: Nature News

James Cameron Now at Ocean's Deepest Point

:: National Geographic

"Daily Planet" - Nereus

:: Discovery Channel-Canada

Tools of the Trade: Nereus

:: Discover Magazine

World's Deepest Diving Vehicle Explores Mariana Trench

:: Johns Hopkins Gazette

Nereus HROV Becomes World's Deepest Diver

:: Robots.net

Sub Explores Ocean's Deepest Trench

:: Live Science

Robot sub aims for deepest ocean

:: BBC News