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Life at the Edge

Plankton growth at the shelf break front

Students Get Their Sea Legs

Orientation cruise provides introduction to ocean research

The Quest for the Moho

Between Earth's crust and mantle lies a mysterious boundary

Audio Postcard: Remembering Knorr

Illustrious research vessel departs after 44-year career

Our Ship Comes In

Research vessel Neil Armstrong joins WHOI fleet

Farewell to the Knorr

Research ship and crew made oceanographic history

Bringing Alvin Back on Board

Specially trained swimmers are key links between sub and ship

Ready, Set, Dive

Video shows the daily dance to deploy Alvin into the ocean

Rebuilding Alvin: Al Suchy

A series on the people who upgraded the iconic sub

Rebuilding Alvin: Dutch Wegman

A series on the people who upgraded the iconic sub

Rebuilding Alvin: Patrick Hennessy

A series on the people who reassembled the iconic sub

Adieu to the Research Vessel Oceanus

A video farewell to a stalwart ship and its dedicated crew

A Long Voyage to Get a New Ship

WHOI will operate research vessel slated to join U.S. fleet in 2015

WHOI Engineer Turns Author

An audio slideshow: New book chronicles fateful expedition

New Head of WHOI Fleet Comes Aboard

... and other news from Around WHOI

She's Got the Whole Fleet in Her Hands

A conversation with WHOI ship scheduler Liz Caporelli

Knorr Shoots the Moon (Pool) to Drill for Coral

Coral cores offer an unprecedented record of the rise and fall of Earth's sea level

Of Sons and Ships and Science Cruises

A conversation with Capt. A.D. Colburn of the research vessel Atlantis

Three Ships and a Sub

Keeping up with the research vessels Knorr, Atlantis, Oceanus, and the deep-sea submersible Alvin

The Improbable Voyage of Al Woodcock

Through keen observation, a high school dropout became a highly respected scientist

A Northern Winter

Preparing R/V Knorr for the North Atlantic and Labrador Sea

Replacing the Fleet

15 years from Concept to Delivery

Access to the Sea

Encompasses Ships, Submersibles,
Autonomous and Remote Vehicles, Observatories,
Drifters, Extreme Climate Capability, and Drilling

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie...

Ocean Weather Ships 1940-1980