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April 17, 2018

Mission to the Twilight Zone

The urgent quest to explore one of Earth's hidden frontiers

February 14, 2017

A Big Decline of River Herring

Tiny stones in fish hold clues to help restore populations

July 12, 2016

No Stone Unturned

'Ear stones' provide clues to help restore river herring

June 7, 2016

Shark Tales

Satellite tags reveal hidden world of ocean's largest fish

December 3, 2015

Epiphany Among the Manta Rays

Can we mobilize a navy of scuba divers as citizen scientists?

October 1, 2014

It's Hard to Kill a Killifish

Tiny coastal fish remarkably resistant to toxic PCBs

July 30, 2014

A Haven for Whale Sharks

A rare glimpse of the world's biggest fish

July 2, 2014

Alvin's Animals

Hundreds of previously unknown species have been discovered by the sub

October 18, 2013

An Ocean That's No Longer Wild

Tagging project aims to help conserve sharks, rays, and other fish

September 12, 2013

Why Haven't the Cod Come Back?

Preserved fish scales yield clues to ocean ecosystem changes

 A War of Knowledge to Save Sharks
August 8, 2013

A War of Knowledge to Save Sharks

A graduate student battles to stop shark slaughters in Turkey

Swimming with Sharks
August 5, 2013

Swimming with Sharks

An underwater robot learns how to track great whites

 Decoding the Mystery Fish
April 19, 2013

Decoding the Mystery Fish

Scientists delve into the genome of the African coelacanth

January 12, 2012

Clues in Shark Vertebrae Reveal Where They've Been

Scientists take advantage of a silver lining in mushroom clouds

December 29, 2010

For Sharks, the Nose Knows

... and other research news by WHOI scientists

November 13, 2009

Willy Goldsmith

Basking shark migration

November 13, 2009

Abigail Labella

Fish, genes, and pollutants

October 15, 2008

One Man's Swamp Is a Fish's Nursery

Grad student examines otoliths (fish ear bones) to protect critical areas for juvenile coral reef fish

September 21, 2007

Pilot Study Examines Ciguatera Fish Poisoning

WHOI Tropical Research Initiative funds investigation of toxic algae

October 11, 2005

Finding Nemo...and Other Endangered Fish

A new method to tag and track fish will help protect threatened species

dead finback surrounded by sharks
September 19, 2005

Big Whale, Big Sharks, Big Stink

R/V Tioga sent into action to perform whale necropsy at sea

Tracking Fish to Save Them
February 15, 2005

Tracking Fish to Save Them

The Reef Fish Connectivity and Conservation Initiative

Do Marine Protected Areas Really Work?
February 1, 2005

Do Marine Protected Areas Really Work?

Georges Bank experiment offers new insights on age-old questions about closing areas to fishing

Down on the Farm...Raising Fish
September 21, 2004

Down on the Farm...Raising Fish

Aquaculture offers a sustainable source of seafood, but raises its own set of problems

The Secret Lives of Fish
August 27, 2004

The Secret Lives of Fish

Scientists learn to read the 'diary' recorded in the ear bones of fish

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