Sea Ice


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Are emperor penguins eating enough?

:: Science Daily

Erosion May Transform the Arctic Food Chain

:: Scientifc American

Explaining Record Low Sea Ice Isn't As Simple As It Seems

:: WCAI - Living Lab

Scientists Explore Why Greenland's Glaciers Are Melting

:: Vermont Standard

Antarctic ice shelf melting could double by 2050

:: Climate News Network

Retreating Sea Ice Risks Cooler Europe Says study

:: Reporting Climate Change

Climate Change: Colder Europe after Sea Ice Retreat?

:: Nature World News

Sudden draining of glacial lakes explained

:: Space Daily

Drones tested to find way through thick Antarctic sea ice

:: Australian Broadcasting Company - The World Today

Arctic Sea Ice Has Been 'Thinning Dramatically' Since The 1970s

:: Headlines & Global News

How 'Slurpee' Waves Formed Along a Nantucket Beach

:: Smithsonian

Today's Video: The Jetyak

:: NSF Science 360

Underwater robot captures images of Antarctic sea ice

:: Maritime Journal

Videos reveal rich upside-down world under polar ice

:: New Scientist

Antarctic sea ice measured by underwater robot

:: CBC News

Antarctic Ice Thicker Than Previously Thought

:: Nature World News

Submarine reveals true state of Antarctic sea ice

:: Australian Geographic

Underwater robot sheds new light on thick Antarctic sea ice

:: Business Standard

Robot Surveys Antarctic Sea Ice From Underneath

:: Red Orbit

Robots reveal thicker Antarctic sea ice

:: ABC Science

Antarctic Ice Mapped in 3D using Robotic Explorer

:: Maine News Online

Swimming robot gathers vital data about Antarctic ice

:: Daily Digest

Deep Water Shrimps Could Lead us to Alien Life, Says NASA

:: International Business Times, India Edition

Sonar-equipped robot measures Antarctic ice with unprecedented precision

:: Engineering and Technology Magazine

Antarctic sub gauges sea ice thickness

:: BBC News

Robot subs find Antarctic sea ice thicker than expected

:: New Scientist

SeaBED Underwater Robot Detects Antarctic Ice Thickness For First Time

:: International Business Times

Study Finds Emperor Penguin in Peril

:: Terra Daily

Ocean may Play Bigger Role in Greenland Glacier Melt

:: Nature World News

Glacial Melt Pours Iron into Ocean, Seeding Algal Blooms

:: Scientific American

Sonar Spots Invisible Arctic Oil Spills

:: Scientific American

Stuck in a climate change argument

:: Canberra Times

Still Stuck in a Climate Argument

:: New York Times

NASA scientists part of Arctic sea ice study


NASA Scientists Part of Arctic Sea Ice Study

:: Terra Daily

York U. researchers confirm ice thinning in Arctic Sea


Arctic Bloomers

:: The Scientist

Robots ride the ocean blue

:: BBC News

Experts: Global warming means more Antarctic ice

:: Fosters Daily Democrat

Experts: Global warming means more Antarctic ice

:: Las Vegas Sun

Global warming causing Antarctic ice to expand

:: USA Today

Experts: Global Warming Means More Antarctic Ice

:: Sci-Tech Today

Now there's more ice at South Pole than ever

:: Daily Mail

The Arctic is Opening but the U.S.A. is Not Prepared

:: Live Better Magazine

Following the Ice 8: Epic Melting

:: Scientific American

Arctic Explorers

:: PRI- Living on Earth

Following the Ice: Is this Global Warming?

:: Scientific American

Emperor Penguins Threatened by Antarctic Sea Ice Loss

:: Scientific Computing

Climate Change Threatens Antarctic Penguin Population

:: One Green Planet (blog)

Emperor Penguins at Risk of Facing Extinction

:: French Tribune

Antarctic sea ice loss threatening emperor penguins

:: BioScholar News

Global warming spells bad news for emperor penguins, study finds

:: Christian Science Monitor

Melting Sea Ice Threatens Emperor Penguins

:: EP Magazine

Global warming may cause Emperor penguins to vanish

:: Newstrack India

Not such Happy Feet

:: TG Daily

Emperor Penguin's Empire Shrinking With Warming

:: Discovery News

Penguin populations plummet, climate change blamed

:: New York Daily News

Shrinking Sea Ice Stresses Emperor Penguins

:: Epoch Times

Giant algae blooms thriving under thinning Arctic sea ice

:: Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Giant algae blooms thriving under thinning Arctic sea ice

:: Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Giant algae blooms thriving under thinning Arctic sea ice

:: Yahoo News- Canada

Melting Arctic 'blooms' with algae


Abundant Life Under the Ice

:: Astrobiology Magazine

The Point: Underwater Robotics

:: WCAI NPR station

AON to Observe Arctic Ice for Eons

:: TMC Net

A World Centered on Sea Ice Is Changing Swiftly at the Poles

:: Yale Environment 360

Cutting Into Arctic Sea Ice


Could melting sea ice make penguins extinct?

:: Boston Globe

Arctic Storms And Sea Ice Drift Are Linked

:: Post Chronicle