Sea Ice


From Oceanus Magazine

Communicating Under Sea Ice

Engineers use ocean channel to efficiently relay sound

Ice, Wind & Fury

Scientists investigate the avalanche of winds known as piteraqs

A Buoy's Long Strange Trip

An oceanographic instrument drifts from the Arctic to Ireland

Another Piece in the Arctic Puzzle

Latest Ice-Tethered Profiler installed to monitor polar conditions

Exploring the Arctic in the Midst of Change

The polar region's distinctive feature also makes it hard to study: ice

The Icebot

A video documents expedition to use robots under Arctic ice

Knorr Skirts Ice to Search for 'Arctic Haze'

WHOI research ship helps track pollutants and their impacts near the Pole

Arctic Voyage Tests New Robots for Ice-covered Oceans

Putting untethered vehicles under the ice cap is one thing. Getting them back is another.

Melting Ice Threatens Polar Bears' Survival

Decision to put bears on federal endangered species list is imminent

A New Way to Monitor Changes in the Arctic

Ice-Tethered Profilers go with the floe, relaying daily data from the ice-covered ocean

A Unique Vehicle for a Unique Environment

New autonomous robots will pierce an ice-covered ocean and explore the Arctic abyss