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Antarctica's wildlife in a changing climate

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Antarctic Ice Melt Will Double by 2050, Say Experts

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Galapagos Penguin Population Doubles With Climate Change

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New robotic vehicle fit to scan under the Arctic ice

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Antarctica Faces Drastic Changes

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Research Assesses Climate Change Winners And Losers

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Polar melt shakes up food chain

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Emperor Penguins Threatened by Antarctic Sea Ice Loss

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Melting sea ice threatens Emperor penguins, study finds

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Climate Change Threatens Antarctic Penguin Population

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Melting Sea Ice Could Decimate Emperor Penguins

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Emperor Penguins at Risk of Facing Extinction

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Antarctic sea ice loss threatening emperor penguins

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Global warming spells bad news for emperor penguins, study finds

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Melting Sea Ice Threatens Emperor Penguins

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Global warming may cause Emperor penguins to vanish

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Not such Happy Feet

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Penguin Populations Plummet Due to Rising Temperatures

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Emperor Penguin's Empire Shrinking With Warming

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Global warming decimating penguin population: Study

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Penguin populations plummet, climate change blamed

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Canton exhibit reveals penguins' life on the edge

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Scientists continue battle for fate of polar bears

:: Calgary Herald, Canada

Study: Climate change affects polar bears

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Polar Bear-Climate Connection Supported by New Study

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Climate Change Could Harm Penguins and Polar Bears

:: U.S. News & World Report - Washington,DC

Penguins, Noah, iron all receive WHOI investigation

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Could melting sea ice make penguins extinct?

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First exploration of Antarctica's vents and seeps

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