Oil Spills


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Bacteria-Based Sensor Could Detect Oil and Gas Leaks

:: Inside Science

Coast Guard Addresses Oil Spill At Community Forum

:: Falmouth Enterprise

Agencies investigating cause of Woods Hole oil spill

:: Cape Cod Times

Cleanup Underway For Oil Spill In Woods Hole

:: Falmouth Enterprise

Sanchi slicks more than treble in total size

:: Insurance Marine News

Sunken oil tanker threatens fisheries and marine life in East China Sea

:: Chemical & Engineering News

Deepwater Horizon Dispersant Cleared the Air, New Model Shows

:: EOS Earth & Space Science News

Navy Turns to Local Scientist to Reduce Oil Spill Risk

:: WCAI - Living Lab

Tar Balls, the Beach's Fossil-Fuel Flowers

:: The Atlantic

Public meeting over decade-old oil in Gulf leak gets testy

:: Associated Press

Maine scientist investigating Deepwater Horizon spill effect

:: Associated Press

Researchers explore use of microbes to clean oil spills

:: International Business Times

Tar from Refugio Spill Found in Orange in June

:: Santa Barbara Independent

Reckoning With Oil Spills

:: Chemical & Engineering News

Refugio Residue Reaches Manhattan Beach

:: KEYT News Channel 3

Five years after Deepwater Horizon

:: National Geographic Voices

How Microbes Helped Clean BP's Oil Spill

:: Scientific American

Emerging from Deepwater

:: Chemistry World

Gulf health 5 years after BP spill: Resilient yet scarred

:: Sioux City Journal

Costs more than environmental when fuel spills

:: Cape Cod Times

Students collect tarballs at NAS Pensacola

:: Pensacola News Journal

Students, researchers hunting for tarballs on Pensacola Beach

:: Pensacola News Journal

BP refutes new study finding oil embedded in Gulf floor

:: Eagle Ford Texas

BP Spill Left Big Oily 'Bathtub Ring' on Seafloor

:: Sci-Tech Today

Two million barrels of oil on ocean floor after BP spill

:: The Japan Times

Two M Barrels of Oil Rest on Seafloor

:: Laboratory Equipment

Where did the Deepwater Horizon oil go?

:: R&D Magazine

2 million barrels of oil from BP spill may be on ocean floor

:: The Economic Times

Research Reveals Oil is Not Well

:: American Live Wire

How to Set Fire to Frozen Oil

:: Science

The Impact of the BP Oil Spill 4 Years Later

:: Katie Couric Show- ABC

Sonar Spots Invisible Arctic Oil Spills

:: Scientific American

Blobs of Exxon-Valdez Oil Are Still Fresh on Alaska's Beaches

:: The Atlantic Cities

Passing the baton in oil spill research on the Gulf Coast

:: Environmental News Network

Scientists Train Students on Oil Spill Research

:: Marine Link

Deepwater Horizon: Identifying harmful elements of persisting oil

:: Environmental Research Web

Striking Oil: Separation Science in Marine Pollution Analysis

:: LCGC Chromatography Online

As Arctic Melts, a Race to Test Oil Spill Cleanup Technology

:: National Geographic

After The Deepwater Horizon Disaster

:: Chemical and Engineering News

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Scientists Address Conference Attendees

:: Blog: Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

Blinding Us From Science

:: BillMoyers.com

Ten years later, echoes of Bouchard oil spill still felt

:: South Coast Today

Two Miles of Sea Covers Big Oil's Next-Generation Field

:: Bloomberg Business

Panelists review oil disaster studies

:: The Advocate

Deepwater Horizon Hammered Deep-Water Corals

:: Mother Jones

BP oil spill sullied sea floor coral: Study

:: Straits Times

Report: Oil spill culprit for heavy toll on coral

:: BusinessWeek

Local Expert: Oil Won't Reach East Coast

:: WCVB TV 5- Boston Channel.com