Oil Spills


WHOI News Releases

Mysterious Flotsam in Gulf of Mexico Came from Deepwater Horizon Rig, Study Finds

Tracking Debris from Damaged Oil Rigs Could Help Forecast Coastal Impacts in the Future

WHOI Participates in Meeting Aimed at Finding Solutions to Control or Stop Oil Spill

Meeting held at behest of film director James Cameron

Natural Petroleum Seeps Release Equivalent of 8-80 Exxon Valdez Oil Spills

Study off Santa Barbara is first to quantify oil in sediments

Buried, Residual Oil is Still Affecting Wildlife Decades After a Spill

Scientists Find Crab Behavior is Altered by Polluted Sediments Below the Surface

Oil Found in Marsh Sediments 30 Years After Spill

West Falmouth site provides clues to long-term fate and impact of petroleum hydrocarbons in coastal areas