Ocean Observatories


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Life at the Edge

Plankton growth at the shelf break front

A Pioneering Vision

Pinocchio's Nose

Aqua Incognita

The quest to establish outposts in the far reaches of the ocean

The Young Woman and the Sea

A conversation with WHOI mooring technician Meghan Donohue

The Hotspot for Marine Life

Pioneer observatory investigates the continental shelfbreak

All the Ocean's a Stage

First impressions of my first research cruise

Woman on Board

A conversation with WHOI mooring technician Meghan Donohue

Ocean Observatories System Is Up and Running

WHOI plays major role in creating 'transformative' national research effort

A Green Thumb for Ocean Microbes

Growing marine bacteria in the laboratory is a challenge

New Laboratory Opens at WHOI

'Green' building provides space for ocean observatory initiatives

New Head of WHOI Fleet Comes Aboard

... and other news from Around WHOI

Ocean Observatories Initiative Poised to Launch

WHOI wins grant to lead national effort

Scientists Gear Up to Launch Ocean Observing Networks

Stations throughout the oceans can monitor conditions and transmit data 24-7

Live From the Tropics, It's an Ocean Network

New underwater observatory monitors marine ecosystem off Panama

What Could a Tsunami Network Look Like in the Future?

WHOI engineers develop the next generation of ocean monitoring technologies

The New Wave of Coastal Ocean Observing

Shore stations and seafloor nodes provide connections for long-term studies of coastal processes

Seeding the Seafloor with Observatories

Scientists extend their reach into the deep with pioneering undersea cable networks

New Coastal Observatory Is Born

Martha's Vineyard offers scientifically exciting site

Outposts in the Ocean

A global network of moored buoy observatories to track oceanic processes that affect our climate

Plugging the Seafloor with CORKs

A window into the plumbing system hidden beneath the ocean's floor

Seafloor to Surface to Satellite to Shore

Moored buoys offer potential for continuous, real-time observations anywhere in the ocean

NEPTUNE: A Fiber-Optic 'Telescope' to Inner Space

The North East Pacific Time-integrated Undersea Networked Experiments (NEPTUNE) project aims to establish an extensive earth/ocean observatory

Putting H2O in the Ocean

The Hawaii-2 Observatory is the first long-term, mid-ocean seafloor observatory

Seeding the Oceans with Observatories

Taking the next strategic steps to explore the Dynamics of Earth and Ocean Systems (DEOS)