Marine Mammals


WHOI News Releases

Hearing Tests on Wild Whales

Belugas have more sensitive hearing than previously thought

How Do Marine Mammals Avoid the Bends?

Study offers new hypothesis, highlights role that sonar plays in strandings

Monitoring Bacteria on Whale Skin

Humpback microbiome linked to seasonal, environmental changes

Study Identifies Whale Blow Microbiome

Drone Collected Samples Provide New Tool for Health Monitoring

Amy Apprill Featured in Science's Video Series

'XX Files: Extraordinary Science, Extraordinary Women'

Drag from Fishing Gear Entanglements Quantified

Study Focused on North Atlantic Right Whales

Scientists Test Hearing in Bristol Bay Beluga Whale Population

First hearing study on a healthy wild cetacean population

Scientists Identify Core Skin Bacterial Community in Humpback Whales

Results Could Aid Future Efforts to Monitor Health

New Research Consortium Brings Scientists, Fishermen, and Managers Together to Address Seal Issues in the Northeast

Goal is to Understand the Ecological Role of Seals in North Atlantic Waters

WHOI Team Aids Center for Coastal Studies in Whale Disentanglement

For one lucky young whale, a second chance

New Marine Mammal Center Formed at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The multi-disciplinary center will focus on research and conservation

New Whale Detection Buoys Help Ships Avoid Right Whales

Collaboration between researchers, regulators, and industry will aid in the protection of an endangered species

Monitoring Baleen Whales with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

First passive recordings from ocean gliders provide insight into whale behavior for some endangered species