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:: The Current - UC Santa Barbara

Re-envisioning Underwater Imaging with Revolutionary New System

:: Ocean News & Technology

Antarctic Sea Ice Is Actually Thicker Than We Thought

:: Business Insider Austraiia

Antarctic sea ice measured by underwater robot

:: CBC News

Antarctic Ice Thicker Than Previously Thought

:: Nature World News

Submarine reveals true state of Antarctic sea ice

:: Australian Geographic

Underwater robot sheds new light on thick Antarctic sea ice

:: Business Standard

Robot Surveys Antarctic Sea Ice From Underneath

:: Red Orbit

Robots reveal thicker Antarctic sea ice

:: ABC Science

Antarctic Ice Mapped in 3D using Robotic Explorer

:: Maine News Online

Swimming robot gathers vital data about Antarctic ice

:: Daily Digest

Deep Water Shrimps Could Lead us to Alien Life, Says NASA

:: International Business Times, India Edition

Sonar-equipped robot measures Antarctic ice with unprecedented precision

:: Engineering and Technology Magazine

Antarctic sub gauges sea ice thickness

:: BBC News

Robot subs find Antarctic sea ice thicker than expected

:: New Scientist

SeaBED Underwater Robot Detects Antarctic Ice Thickness For First Time

:: International Business Times

James Cameron on the New Age of Exploration, Part 2

:: Scientific American

'HabCam' Opens Unique Window on Seafloor Life

:: Our Amazing Planet

SCI-TECH: New 'Seahorse' sees scallops in new way

:: North County Times

Titanic: time capsule or sacred ground?

:: Cape Cod Times

Titanic at 100

:: The Ed Show- MSNBC

Explorers Dive Deep to Solve Titanic Mysteries

:: Today Show- NBC

Titanic: the optics of undersea discovery

:: SPIE Newsroom

Advanced Imaging Data to Bring a New View of Titanic

:: Hydro International

Titanic: It still fascinates 100 years later

:: News in photos

New Images of Titanic Wreck Revealed

:: Our Amazing Planet

New Images of Titanic Wreck Revealed

:: Scientific American

Deep-sea optical communications system launches

:: E&T magazine

Scanning Titanic for the future

:: E&T magazine

Scanning Titanic for the future

:: Engineering and Technology Magazine

Unseen Titanic

:: National Geographic Magazine

Amazing new Titanic photos

:: New York Post

What lies beneath: The Titanic as never seen before

:: The Independent

Stunning new photos of Titanic on ocean floor

:: The Daily Telegraph

Never before seen photos of Titanic wreckage released

:: San Francisco Chronicle (blog)

New map of Titanic wreck site created


Expedition gathers new images of Titanic


Amazing images shed light on Titanic wreck

:: Today Show

High-tech Sub Reveals 3-D Images of Titanic

:: NBC Nightly News

Titanic expedition shows off some crisp new images

:: The Associated Press

Stunning Images Emerge from Titanic Expedition

:: Today Show

First new images of Titanic debris field emerge

:: (blog)

3-D Cameras aim to shed light on Titanic

:: Today Show

Taking 3-D Pictures of the Titanic


Titanic 3-D mapping expedition sets sail today

:: Boston Herald

US aims to 'raise Titanic'

:: The Scotsman

Titanic expedition will create 3D map of wreck

:: Tehran Times

New Titanic expedition will create 3-D map of wreck

:: Washington Times