From Oceanus Magazine

Up in the Sky!

Drone finds hot spots to help restore fish to river

Re-envisioning Underwater Imaging

Scientists can zoom into 3-D shipwrecks and seafloor landscapes


HABitat mapping CAMera system is a window to the sea floor

Setting a Watchman for Harmful Algal Blooms

New undersea technology offers ways to monitor toxic outbreaks

Beneath Arctic Ice, Life Blooms Spectacularly

Pools of water atop ice act as lenses to focus sunlight

The Quest to Map Titanic

Shipwreck drove advances in deep-sea imaging technology

New Ways to Analyze Ocean Imagery

... and other news from around WHOI

Volunteer Gets an Oceanful of Experience

Student becomes immersed in expedition to find new deep-sea species

Basic Sea Cable Gets a High-tech Upgrade

WHOI engineer's discovery will help scientists track undersea contaminants from Gulf oil spill

Holography and Oceanography

An audio slideshow on a new way to use lasers to reveal tiny sea life

Clara Smart

Turning a Toy into a Scientific Tool

Engineer exploits model airplane hobby to invent flying research camera

The Airplane That Studied the Ocean

Former oceanographic 'flyguy' reunites with his old plane

Let There Be Light in the Dark Depths

A conversation with WHOI engineer Jonathan Howland

Turtle Skulls Prove to be Shock-Resistant

Could sea turtles help us design better helmets and body armor for soldiers?

Robot Paints Stunning Map of Deep-sea Volcano

Sonar images reveal submerged Pacific Ocean volcano in glorious detail

Gone Fish Assessing

Undersea robot swims over rocky road where trawls dare not go

Action, Camera ... Lights

New deep-sea “light post” illuminates the ocean's perpetual night

Building an Automated Underwater Microscope

A conversation with biologist Heidi Sosik

How to See What Whales Hear

Biomedical imaging reveals new insights into marine mammal ears

ALISS in Wonderland

Imaging ambient light at deep-sea hydrothermal vents