Ice Ages & Past Climates


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Nova: Killer Hurricanes


How Rivers Bury Carbon at Sea

:: Scientific American

Study Reveals How Rivers Regulate Global Carbon Cycle


How Rivers Regulate Global Carbon Cycle

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Study Reveals Cape Cod's Surprisingly Stormy Past

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Historical ifs and weathers or not

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Is the Island Prepared for the Next Big Storm?

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Ocean Mystery Solved After 14,000 Years

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A 'Perfect Storm' for Life

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Scientists solve a 14,000-year-old ocean mystery

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14,000-year-old ocean mystery solved


Climate Change Models may not be Accurate

:: French Tribune

Study: Sea level changes may affect tropical rainfall patterns

:: Summit County Citizens Voice

Black Sea Changes and Reponses

:: Environmental News Network

Black Sea rich in ancient genetic data


Black Sea rich in ancient genetic data


Black Sea: There's Genetic Gold In Them Thar Sediments

:: Science 2.0 (blog)

Underwater archaeologist: I have proof of Noah's flood

:: Science Recorder

Global drought may have changed less than thought

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Study: Climate Change Sped Indus Empire's Collapse

:: Voice of America

An Ancient Civilization, Upended by Climate Change

:: New York Times (blog)

The Monsoon and Ancient India

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Migration of monsoons created, then killed Harappan civilization

:: Los Angeles Times- Science Now blog

Monsoon shift may have ruined Indus Valley

:: Hindustan Times

Ancient Ocean Changes Provide Clues To Future Sea Level Rises

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Sunspots, Sea Changes, and Climate Shifts

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Past Atlantic Hurricanes Linked to Climate Change

:: innovations report

The Quaternary Period Wins Out

:: Science

Killer blow

:: Herald de Paris, France

Did climate kill off the Neanderthals?

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Science at Work: Corals and Climate Change

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Ice Age lesson predicts a faster rise in sea level

:: Innovations report, Germany