Hydrothermal Vents


WHOI News Releases

Carbon Dioxide Pools Discovered in Aegean Sea

’Kallisti Limnes’ Get Their Distinctive Color from Opal Particles

Newly discovered ocean plume could be major source of iron

Study reveals micronutrient riches rising from the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Lost City pumps life-essential hydrocarbons into deep ocean

Chemistry at Atlantic hydrothermal vent site may be analog for origins of life

Explorers to Use New Robotic Vehicles to Hunt for Life and Hydrothermal Vents on Arctic Seafloor

Researchers will probe the Gakkel Ridge during expedition that begins on July 1

Major Cruise to Galapagos Rift Marks 25th Anniversary of Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vent Discovery

Scientists to revisit hydrothermal vents discovered in 1977, explore for new vents during two-week May-June cruise to be shared via Web sites with students and the general public

Scientists Release First Images of Hydrothermal Vents Found in the Indian Ocean

Images reveal array of animals, black smokers