Global Warming


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Climate change's unseen impact on the Arctic Ocean

:: The Weather Network

Arctic Ocean composition is undergoing rapid change

:: Radio Canda International

Nova: Killer Hurricanes


Climate Change Is Hitting Home, And It's Not Fair

:: WCAI - Living Lab

Global Warming News: Coral Reefs Dying In South China Sea

:: International Business Times

Coral reefs might be in more trouble than we thought

:: Popular Science

Coral reefs in hot water - study

:: Cebu Daily News

Scientists eye global warming's role in severe storms

:: CBS Evening News

Video: The truth about oceans and climate change

:: Vancouver Sun

What If Global Warming Emptied India?

:: Scientific American

Seas Are Rising at Fastest Pace in 2,800 Years

:: Discovery News

Sea level rising faster than ever

:: Fayette Advocate

Opinion: Adapting to our climate

:: Cape Cod Times

Antarctic ice shelf melting could double by 2050

:: Eco Business

Antarctic Ice Melt Will Double by 2050, Say Experts

:: Nature World News

Retreating Sea Ice Risks Cooler Europe Says study

:: Reporting Climate Change

Climate Change: Colder Europe after Sea Ice Retreat?

:: Nature World News

Arctic Ocean rapidly becoming harmful to marine species

:: The Weather Network

How Rivers Bury Carbon at Sea

:: Scientific American

Study Reveals How Rivers Regulate Global Carbon Cycle


How Rivers Regulate Global Carbon Cycle

:: Nature World News

Arctic Sea Ice Has Been 'Thinning Dramatically' Since The 1970s

:: Headlines & Global News

Geoengineering schemes to combat climate change still risky, say reports

:: Environmental Research Web

Why Corals Are Losing the War Against Sponges

:: Living Lab- WCAI radio

Under the sheets

:: The Indian Express

We Could See More And More 'Hot Droughts' Like California's

:: Five Thirty Eight Science

Feds: Don't blame California drought on warming

:: Associated Press - The Big Story

NOAA: Climate Change Did Not Cause Calif. Drought

:: Climate Central

California's Drought: the Worst in a Millennium

:: Nature World News

Study Finds Emperor Penguin in Peril

:: Terra Daily

Ocean may Play Bigger Role in Greenland Glacier Melt

:: Nature World News

NASA's OCO-2 Brings Sharp Focus on Global Carbon

:: Jet Propulsion Lab

Stuck in a climate change argument

:: Canberra Times

Still Stuck in a Climate Argument

:: New York Times

Deep oceans may be storing heat


Typhoon Haiyan: Is an era of super storms upon us?

:: Christian Science Monitor

Arctic's Hudson Bay Warming Rapidly, at Tipping Point

:: National Geographic

U.N. Panel: Humans to Blame for Climate Change

:: The Takeaway

Climate Change Models may not be Accurate

:: French Tribune

Study: Sea level changes may affect tropical rainfall patterns

:: Summit County Citizens Voice

Polar melt shakes up food chain

:: Sydney Morning Herald

Gawarkiewicz to kick off Norwell lecture series

:: Abington Mariner

Saving an Underwater Eden: Aquarium talk Nov. 8

:: The Boston Globe- Green Blog

Melting Greenland

:: Environmental News Network

An Icy Look at Climate Change: Part II WHOI Series Special

:: Sierra Club Green Home

Experts: Global warming means more Antarctic ice

:: Fosters Daily Democrat

Experts: Global warming means more Antarctic ice

:: Las Vegas Sun

Global warming causing Antarctic ice to expand

:: USA Today

Experts: Global Warming Means More Antarctic Ice

:: Sci-Tech Today

Ocean Health Index: What's in a Number?

:: Living Lab, WCAI

The Science Episode- climate

:: Slow Ride Stories blog

Glacial Lakes May Affect Sea-Level Rise

:: Scientific American

Following the Ice 8: Epic Melting

:: Scientific American

Innovative Climate Device Paints New Picture of the Arctic

:: Sierra Club Green Home

Dumping iron at sea does sink carbon


Could dumping iron in the oceans slow global warming?

:: The Christian Science Monitor

Can Adding Iron To Oceans Slow Global Warming?

:: NPR- All Things Considered

Lowering Carbon with Algae

:: The Scientist

Arctic Explorers

:: PRI- Living on Earth

Pacific Islands Protect Coral Reefs from Bleaching

:: PRI's The World

Emperor Penguins Threatened by Antarctic Sea Ice Loss

:: Scientific Computing

Climate Change Threatens Antarctic Penguin Population

:: One Green Planet (blog)

Emperor Penguins at Risk of Facing Extinction

:: French Tribune

Antarctic sea ice loss threatening emperor penguins

:: BioScholar News

Global warming spells bad news for emperor penguins, study finds

:: Christian Science Monitor

Melting Sea Ice Threatens Emperor Penguins

:: EP Magazine

Global warming may cause Emperor penguins to vanish

:: Newstrack India

Not such Happy Feet

:: TG Daily

Emperor Penguin's Empire Shrinking With Warming

:: Discovery News

Penguin populations plummet, climate change blamed

:: New York Daily News

Shrinking Sea Ice Stresses Emperor Penguins

:: Epoch Times

Following the Ice: In the Beginning

:: Scientific American

Baseline Measurements of Carbon in Arctic Ocean


Climate: study sets baseline on Arctic Ocean carbon cycle

:: Summit County Citizens Voice

Baseline Measurements of Carbon in Arctic Ocean


Baseline Measurements of Carbon in Arctic Ocean

:: Hydro International

Tracking Carbon in the Arctic Ocean

:: Astrobiology Magazine

Tropical Refuge From Global Warming

:: Earthweek

Warming Ocean Current Might Create Coral Refuges

:: Scientific American

How a bizarre ocean current could create coral refuges

:: Christian Science Monitor

Study Indicates a Greater Threat of Extreme Weather

:: New York Times

Unlocking the secrets of rivers

:: Vancouver Sun

The Point: Underwater Robotics

:: WCAI NPR station

Warming with warning: Experts eyeing ice caps

:: Boston Herald

Arctic Seas Surprisingly Alive in Winter

:: Our Amazing Planet

Sea levels might rise or fall if warming continues

:: Deccan Herald

Global warming won't affect all deltas

:: Nature

Could melting sea ice make penguins extinct?

:: Boston Globe

Disease, aided by global warming, threatens coral reefs

:: Cape Cod Today, MA

Climate Change Seeps into the Sea

::, VA