Global Warming


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Searching for ‘Super Reefs’

Corals are threatened by changing ocean conditions

Mission to the Twilight Zone

The urgent quest to explore one of Earth's hidden frontiers

Up in the Sky!

Drone finds hot spots to help restore fish to river

A Double Whammy for Corals

Global warming and local weather combine to cause massive bleaching

Long-term Study Focuses on New England Ocean

Research to explore abundant, rapidly changing ecosystem

Extreme Climate

A Conversation with WHOI's Caroline Ummenhofer

Signs of Big Change in the Arctic

A once-predictable system shifts out of balance

Coral Crusader

Student seeks clues to conserve beleaguered reefs

A Mooring in Iceberg Alley

Fjords may link warming oceans and melting glaciers

Jet Stream Gets Fish in Hot Water

Ocean 'heat wave' linked to shift in atmospheric current

The Decline and Fall of the Emperor Penguin?

Climate Change and Shrinking Ice Threaten Polar Birds

Seabirds Face Risks from Climate Change

Scientists who study birds in remote regions also confront danger

The Retreat of the Gualas Glacier

Scientists find a surprising cause for diminishing icefields

The Glacial Chronicles

A student documents life and research in Greenland

Storms, Floods, and Droughts

The cycle that transports water around the Earth is intensifying

New Weather-Shifting Climate Cycle Revealed

You know El Niño—now meet the Pacific Centennial Oscillation

Follow the Carbon

WHOI scientists provide baseline measurements of carbon in the Arctic Ocean

Coral Sanctuaries in a Warming World?

Change in equatorial current may slow warming near small islands

Where Ocean and Ice Meet

An audio slideshow on working in Greenland's glacial fjords

Exploring the Arctic in the Midst of Change

The polar region's distinctive feature also makes it hard to study: ice

Science in Service to the Nation

A conversation with oceanographer Ray Schmitt

The Once and Future Corals

An audio slideshow: Research on the reefs

Are Emperor Penguins Marching to Extinction?

... and other recent research findings by WHOI scientists

A Tale of Two Oceans, and the Monsoons

Tiny seafloor shells could reveal big clues to the forces that generate monsoons

Will Climate Change Disrupt the Arctic Ecosystem?

WHOI biologist led ambitious expedition to the Bering Sea aboard the icebreaker Healy

Melting Ice Threatens Polar Bears' Survival

Decision to put bears on federal endangered species list is imminent

Letter from Kangiqsujuaq

A mooring in the remote Hudson Strait offers a finger on the pulse of unfolding Arctic change

How Long Can the Ocean Slow Global Warming?

How much excess carbon dioxide can the ocean hold and how will it affect marine life?

The Flywheel of the Arctic Climate Engine

Remote Beaufort Gyre expeditions reveal clues to climate change

Is Global Warming Changing the Arctic?

And will polar changes trigger climate shifts beyond the Arctic?

Fresher Ocean, Cooler Climate

A less-salty North Atlantic Ocean could cool northern winters

Computer Modelers Stimulate Real and Potential Climate, Work Toward Prediction

Combining Equations and Data Pushes Computers' Limits

The Ocean's Role in Climate & Climate Change

The Ocean's Role in Climate & Climate Change