Glaciers & Ice Sheets


From Oceanus Magazine

Signs of Big Change in the Arctic

A once-predictable system shifts out of balance

Ice, Wind & Fury

Scientists investigate the avalanche of winds known as piteraqs

Scientists Find Trigger That Cracks Lakes

Fast-draining lakes atop Greenland ice sheet could accelerate sea level rise

The Jetyak

WHOI engineers develop a new type of ocean robot

A Mooring in Iceberg Alley

Fjords may link warming oceans and melting glaciers

The Retreat of the Gualas Glacier

Scientists find a surprising cause for diminishing icefields

The Glacial Chronicles

A student documents life and research in Greenland

The Scientist Who Stays Out in the Cold

MIT/WHOI graduate student studies ice in a warming world

Where Ocean and Ice Meet

An audio slideshow on working in Greenland's glacial fjords

A Glacier's Pace

Are ocean currents hastening the retreat of Greenland's glaciers?

Getting to the Bottom of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Scientists discover a surprising plumbing system for glaciers

Will Climate Change Affect the Greenland Ice Sheet?

Glacial expeditions uncover a trigger that speeds the flow of ice to the sea

Earth, Wind, and Fire in Antarctica

Scientists unravel a story inscribed in lava and written by the wind

Tracking an Ocean of Ice Atop Greenland

A conversation with geologist Sarah Das