Fukushima Radiation


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Beaches found releasing radioactive cesium into ocean 60 miles from Fukushima

:: UPI (United Press International)

Fukushima radiation not cause for alarm in US

:: Associated Press

Fukushima Radiation Not Cause For Alarm In US

:: Oregon Public Broadcasting

Fukushima Cleanup Plans Delayed by Elevated Radiation

:: Laboratory Equipment

Alaska seafood is radiation free

:: The Cordova Times

Tests Find Lingering Radiation From Japan On Our Shores

:: Jefferson Public Radio

No risk seen from Fukushima 'fingerprint' on US West Coast

:: The Christian Science Monitor

Fukushima radiation reaches United States shores for first time

:: United Press International (UPI)

Fukushima radiation has reached U.S. shores

:: USA Today

Fukushima radiation has reached U.S. shores

:: Statesman Journal

Fukushima, Five Years Later

:: The Falmouth Enterprise

Five Years Later, Cutting Through the Fukushima Myths

:: Popular Mechanics

Remembering Japan's 2011 Earthquake, Tsunami

:: KPMS Radio

WHOI Researcher: Fukushima Site Still Leaking

:: CapeCod.com

The Lingering Effects of Fukushima on Fish



:: Popular Science

Fukishima Radiation Off West Coast Increases

:: Discovery News

Higher levels of Fukushima radiation detected off West Coast

:: Statesman Journal

Testing finds no nuke-disaster radiation in Alaska seafood

:: Alaska Journal of Commerce

Radiation in the Ocean

:: Huffington Post (The Blog)

Examining the fate of Fukushima contaminants

:: Science Daily

Fukushima monitoring project season two

:: Seward City News

Swimming For Science

:: CapeNews.net

Planned trans-Pacific swim has WHOI link

:: Cape Cod Times

Is Radioactive Water Worth Worrying About?

:: The New Yorker

How Radioactive Is the Pacific, Really?

:: The Daily Beast

First evidence of Fukushima radiation reaches shores

:: Cape Cod Times

First Fukushima radiation detected in Ucluelet waters

:: Peninsula News Review

Fukushima radiation in Canadian waters

:: Deutsche Welle

Fukushima Radiation Lands In B.C., But You Shouldn't Worry About It

:: The Huffington Post Canada

Traces of Radiation from Fukushima Found on British Columbia Shores

:: Environmental Protection Online

Fukushima radiation has reached North American shores

:: Statesman Journal

First trace of Fukushima radioactivity detected off B.C.

:: CTV News Vancouver

Aquarium CEO Talks Stewardship, New Fukushima Show

:: Gazette Newspapers

As more needy sea lions flood in, Marine Mammal Center gets help

:: Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot

Japan's Struggle after Fukushima

:: Earth Times

Regulators: Treat, release Fukushima water to sea

:: Statesman Journal

Fukushima contamination arrives off Canadian coast

:: Yahoo News Canada

Tracking the Fukushima radioactivity plume across the Pacific

:: Los Angeles Times

Fukushima radiation: US West Coast will likely see peak by end of 2015

:: The Christian Science Monitor

Fukushima radiation found 400 miles west of Newport

:: Statesman Journal

Radioactive Water From Japan Nears U.S.

:: Water Online

The Environment Needs Citizen Scientists

:: Huffington Post (The Blog)

California threatened by Fukushima radiation

:: I Know Today

Fukushima radiation reaches California coast in tiny doses

:: The San Diego Union-Tribune

Traces of radiation from Fukushima detected off California

:: San Francisco Chronicle

Small amount of Fukushima radiation detected in water off North Coast

:: Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Fukushima Radioactivity Detected Off U.S. Coast

:: Laboratory Equipment magazine

Fukushima radiation off California coast

:: Scoop.co.nz

Fukushima radiation identified off northern California

:: Statesman Journal

Traces Of Fukushima Radioactivity Detected In West Coast Waters

:: Northwest Public Radio

WHOI: Fukushima Radioactivity Detected Off West Coast

:: Marine Technology

Testing the waters for Fukushima

:: Coast Reporter

How Radioactive Is Our Ocean?

:: Scientific American

How radioactive is the Pacific Ocean after Fukushima?

:: Monterey County Weekly

Local group checking waters for radioactivity

:: Parksville Qualicum News

Group: No Fukushima radiation at Oregon Coast

:: KING5.com

Group: No Fukushima radiation in Oregon

:: ktvz.com

Ice Wall Being Built Around Fukushima Nuclear Plant

:: Capital Public Radio

Monitoring Fukushima radiation

:: Petaluma 360

Citizen Science: Monitoring Fukushima Radiation

:: Sonoma County Gazette

Japan Fukushima Radiation Reaching West Coast

:: Guardian Liberty Voice

Scientists expect traces of ocean radiation soon

:: Mendocino Beacon

Volunteer network tests Pacific Ocean for radiation

:: The Spokesman-Review

Squelching Efforts to Measure Fukushima Meltdown

:: New York Times

Citizen science

:: The Cordova Times

Scientists track incoming Fukushima plume

:: Inland News Today

Radiation from Fukushima begins to reach North America

:: The State Column

Uncovering the secret world of the Plastisphere

:: Environmental Research Web

Fukushima Radiation on Its Way to California

:: Design & Trend

How the Fukushima aftermath can effect the West Coast

:: KKSF Talk 910

Fukushima Radiation Is Expected To Reach The US In April

:: Business Insider

Fukushima radiation in Canadian waters is not a threat, scientists say

:: Christian Science Monitor

Path of Japan Tsunami Debris Predicted by Computers

:: Live Science

Study: Hawaii has lower Fukushima radiation risks

:: Hawaii News Now

Radioactive Ocean Website Garners Support

:: Marine Link

The Fukushima Fallout

:: Good Times

Dan Haifley, Our Ocean Backyard: Eye on Fukushima radiation

:: Santa Cruz Sentinel

Fukushima Radiation FAQ

:: Drift Surfing

Citizen Science: How Radioactive is the Ocean?

:: Networx

Citizens to fill the Fukushima information void

:: The Ecologist

Citizen scientists can fill info gaps

:: Yorkton This Week

Searching for signs of Fukushima radiation on North Coast

:: Petaluma Argus Courier

Donors aid radiation testing in Pacific

:: Cape Cod Times

Fukushima radiation fears in US belie everyday exposure risks

:: Anchorage Daily News

Is the Pacific Ocean radioactive? You can help find out

:: Los Angeles Times

Onset Data Loggers to Help Track Fukushima Radiation in U.S.

:: Virtual-Strategy Magazine

Yeah, about that Fukushima radiation...

:: Alaska Dispatch

Crowdsourced website to help test Pacific radiation

:: Boston Globe

US residents monitor Fukushima radiation

:: Aljazeera

Fukushima Radiation (Still) Poses No California Risk

:: New York Times

How radioactive is our ocean?

:: Phys.org

WHOI to test for radioactive Pacific Ocean water

:: Capecodonline

Fukushima Radiation (Still) Poses No California Risk

:: Dot Earth blog- NYT

Fukushima: WHOI senior scientist studies irradiated water

:: Cape Cod Times

Scientists Fear Results of Fishing Near Fukushima

:: Salem-News

Abe's stance on Fukushima water fuels skepticism

:: The Columbian

Scientists downplay Fukushima radiation hazards

:: Deutsche Welle

No. 1 water woes laid to Tepco's ineptitude

:: Japan Times

Fukushima: why next month is its biggest since 2011

:: Channel 4 News

Tepco's Claim Radiation Leaks Confined to Coast Called 'Silly'

:: Bloomberg Businessweek

Fukushima Radiation Risks from Eating Fish

:: Natural Resources Defense Council blog

Doubts rise on nuclear cleanup

:: Deccan Herald

Fukushima radioactive leaks 'impossible to stop'

:: World Magazine

Fukushima fallout not affecting U.S.-caught fish

:: Tucson Sentinel

Japan's radioactive water leaks: How dangerous?

:: Las Vegas Sun

Japan's radioactive water leaks: How dangerous?

:: Houston Chronicle

Japan's radioactive water leaks: How dangerous?

:: philSTAR

Japan Plans 'Ice Wall' to Block Leaking Radiation

:: KQED's Forum

JAPAN: Fukushima radioactive water leaks: How dangerous? 

:: Macau Daily Times

Your Phone Is Deadlier Than Pacific Sushi

:: Bloomberg

Japan's radioactive water leaks: How dangerous?

:: KERO-TV 23

Japan's radioactive water leaks: How dangerous?

:: Boston.com

Is our seafood radioactive, or is it safe to eat?

:: Chicago Tribune

Radiation And Risks At Fukushima

:: WBUR's On Point

Scientists say Fukushima danger limited -- for now

:: Stars and Stripes

Is our seafood radioactive, or is it safe to eat?

:: Los Angeles Times

Radioactive groundwater at Fukushima nears Pacific

:: Northwest Asian Weekly

Radioactive groundwater under Fukushima nears sea

:: Las Vegas Sun

Radioactive groundwater at Fukushima nears Pacific

:: New Zealand Herald

Fukushima leak worse than authorities are letting on

:: Energy Live News

Latest Radioactive Leak at Fukushima: How Is It Different?

:: National Geographic

Fukushima's Radioactive Water Leak: What You Should Know

:: National Geographic

Fukushima ocean radiation panel to be live-streamed

:: Summit County Citizens Voice

The Challenges of Disaster Follow-up Research

:: Living Lab-WCAI

Survey checks radioactive contamination in the Pacific

:: ajw.asahi.com

Japanese govt, TEPCO deny Fukushima radiation is tainting fish

:: Australian Broadcasting Co. (ABC News)

Algae alert

:: World Magazine

Ocean still suffering from Fukushima fallout

:: Nature

The Radioactive Fish Of Fukushima

:: Scientific American

Fukushima fish inedible for a decade

:: The Himalayan

Fukushima fish: Still off the menu

:: Asiancorrespondent.com

Cesium levels in fish off Fukushima not dropping

:: The Boston Globe

Japan Fish Cesium Levels Remain

:: Manila Bulletin

Japan’s Fish Still Radioactive One Year After Fukushima, Study

:: Asian Scientist Magazine

Cesium in fish off Fukushima not declining

:: News Sentinel

Radiation still high in fish near Fukushima

:: Jackson Sun

Fukushima fish unsafe for years

:: The Age

Fish caught off Fukushima have high radiation levels

:: Times of Malta

Cesium levels in Fukushima fish not dropping

:: CTV News

High radiation levels seen near Fukushima

:: UPI.com

Post-Fukushima, Are Japan's Fish Safe to Eat?

:: Huffington Post Canada

Radiation settles on seabed off Japan

:: Australian Broadcasting Co. (ABC News)

Fukushima Watch: The Riddle of the Radioactive Fish

:: Wall Street Journal

Fukushima fish still hot

:: Nature newsblog

Fukushima fish still radioactive

:: Discovery News

Fukushima fish 'may be inedible for a decade'

:: The Guardian

Up All Night

:: BBC Radio

Looking For Traces Of Fukushima In The Pacific

:: Asian Scientist Magazine

Fukushima Radiation Moving Across Pacific Ocean

:: Huffington Post

Fukushima radiation at sea studied

:: UPI.com

Sampling the Pacific for Signs of Fukushima

:: The Maritime Executive

Sampling the Pacific for Signs of Fukushima

:: Hydro International

Sampling the Pacific for signs of Fukushima

:: Science Codex

Radioactive Hotspots Found Far From Fukushima Disaster

:: International Business Times

Sampling the Pacific for Signs of Fukushima

:: Science Daily

Radiation detected 400 miles from coast of Japan

:: Practical Fishkeeping

Radiation detected 400 miles off Japanese coast

:: Foster's Daily Democrat

Radiation From Nuclear Plant Detected Far Off Japan's Coast

:: U.S. News & World Report

Fukushima contamination detected 640km away in Pacific Ocean

:: The New Zealeand Herald

Cruise finds Fukushima pollution

:: BBC News

Radiation detected 400 miles off Japanese coast

:: The Boston Globe

Nuclear Damage Control

:: Business Insider

Fukushima's Impact on the Ocean Analyzed

:: IEEE Spectrum

Fukushima ocean radiation could pose sleeper threat

:: SmartPlanet.com

Fukushima's radioactive sea contamination lingers

:: New Scientist

Fukushima's Contamination Produces Some Surprises at Sea

:: New York Times (blog)

A Foundation Acts Fast to Help Researchers Study Japan's Disaster

:: The Chronicles of Philanthropy

Follow along with Fukushima researchers

:: Deep Sea News (blog)

Celebrating The State of the Oceans 2011

:: EcoSalon


:: Deep Blue Home (blog)

So Where is Japan's Radiation Going?

:: Mother Jones

Expedition to Measure Radioactive Contaminants

:: Hydro International

Scientific voyage to study Japanese nuclear impact on ocean

:: McClatchy Washington Bureau

Scientists to study effects of nuclear crisis on ocean

:: The Spokesman Review

Scientists to Study Ocean Impacts of Japan Radiation

:: Honolulu Civil Beat

Nuclear Crisis in Japan

:: Center for Research on Globalization

Fukushima Fallout: Japan's Radiated Ocean

:: TakePart - Inspiration to Action

Japan's irradiated waters: How worried should we be?

:: CNN International

Drifters Could Monitor Ocean Radiation From Japan

:: Discovery News

Japan Nuclear Plant Is Far From Stable: U.S. Report

:: Good Morning America- ABC News

Disaster in Japan

:: Weather Channel

Ocean's eddies, dilution absorb nuke risk

:: Japan Times

Ocean Currents, Natural Dilution Dissipate Japan's Nuclear Risk

:: San Francisco Chronicle

Japan's nuclear crisis not a threat to seafood

:: Climatide blog

Experts: Learn from Japan earthquake

:: iTWire