From Oceanus Magazine

Lessons from the 2011 Japan Quake

What have scientists learned about its cause and consequences?

Lessons from the Haiti Earthquake

Knowing how and where to rebuild can save lives

Seismometer Deployed Atop Underwater Volcano

New buoy system offers early warnings of eruptions

Worlds Apart, But United by the Oceans

A conversation with geophysicist Jian Lin

Oceanographic Telecommuting

'Virtual' chief scientist directs a research cruise without leaving land

Rapid Response

Scientists scramble for rare opportunity to catch an underwater volcanic eruption in action

Ears in the Ocean

Hydrophones reveal a whole lot of previously undetected seafloor shaking going on

Earthshaking Events

New research on land and sea reinvigorates hopes of forecasting where earthquakes are likely to occur

Peering into the Crystal Fabric of Rocks

When you get right down to it, earthquakes and volcanoes have atomic-scale causes

Listening Closely to 'See' Into the Earth

A new national facility of cutting-edge seafloor seismographs probes Earth's interior