Currents, Gyres, & Eddies


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Boat missing from Vineyard Haven Harbor found on Muskeget Island

:: Martha's Vineyard Times

Study: Subtle climate shifts boost Galapagos penguins

:: Summit County Citizens Voice

New Ocean Current a Real-Life Scientific Mystery

:: Living Lab- WCAI

How Debris Can Point to Malaysian Plane's Point of Impact

:: National Geographic

Bottle released by Mass. scientist in 1956 found

:: Redding Record

Scientist's Message in a Bottle Found 58 Years Later

:: Laboratory Equipment

Message in bottle from 1956 turns up

:: Columbus Dispatch

Message in a bottle set afloat in 1956 is found

:: Tulsa World

Bottle with a message released by scientist in 1956 is found

:: Brattleboro Reformer

Bottle Released in 1956 Finally Turns Up

:: Newser

Bottle released by Mass. scientist in 1956 found

:: Washington Times

Bottle released by Mass. scientist in 1956 washes ashore

:: Morning Sentinel

Bottle released by Mass. scientist in 1956 found

:: The Recorder

Bottle released by Massachussets scientist in 1956 found

:: The Post & Courier

Study explains origins of giant underwater waves

:: Space Daily

$16 million grant allows Duke to study oceanic currents

:: Duke Chronicle

East China Sea's Physical Oceanography Explored

:: Hydro International

Man-made rip current tames elusive, wild waters for research

:: Environmental Monitor

Blind Oceanographer Sets Sail With Downloaded Books

:: Paragould Daily Press

Alien Deep

:: National Geographic

A Kick-Start for Phytoplankton

:: New York Times ( Green blog)

Ocean plankton bloom in the North Atlantic

:: GlobalPost

Triggering the North Atlantic Plankton Bloom

:: Kansas City infoZine

New trigger for plankton 'blooms' found

:: Big News

Picture of the Day: Giant Eddy Visible From Orbit

:: The Atlantic

Big Storms Roil Even the Deep Ocean

:: Science AAAS