Currents, Gyres, & Eddies


From Oceanus Magazine

The Living Breathing Ocean

Can ‘ocean elevators’ carry excess carbon to the deep?

Mysteries of the Red Sea

This largely unexplored sea has features found nowhere else

The Current that Feeds the Galápagos

Gliders reveal path of a mammoth ‘river’ in the Pacific Ocean

Life at the Edge

Plankton growth at the shelf break front

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Ocean

Following seawater pathways to help predict climate changes

Sharks Take 'Tunnels' into the Depths

Spiraling eddies offer conduits to food in the ocean twilight zone

A Pioneering Vision

Pinocchio's Nose

Aqua Incognita

The quest to establish outposts in the far reaches of the ocean

The Hotspot for Marine Life

Pioneer observatory investigates the continental shelfbreak

A Slithery Ocean Mystery

Scientists gain grasp on the epic migration of eels

Signs of Big Change in the Arctic

A once-predictable system shifts out of balance

The Riddle of Rip Currents

Scientists investigate how and where these dire beach hazards occur

Hidden Currents in the Gulf of Mexico

An armada of floats reveals unknown pathways in the deep

A Telescope to Peer into the Vast Ocean

Epic voyage begins to illuminate the micro-universe across the Pacific

The Jetyak

WHOI engineers develop a new type of ocean robot

Coral-Current Connections

Remote island lies in a strategic spot for research

Detours on the Oceanic Highway

Student examines leaks from a great deep-sea current

Message Bottled in an Email

A long-lost legacy of ocean research resurfaces

What Causes the Atlantic to Bloom?

Scientists find surprising trigger for spring plant growth

Coral Sanctuaries in a Warming World?

Change in equatorial current may slow warming near small islands

A Newfound Cog in the Ocean Conveyor

Scientists confirm existence of a previously unknown current

Lessons from the 2011 Japan Quake

What have scientists learned about its cause and consequences?

The Great South Channel

Where marine life meets to feast every spring

Powerful Currents in Deep-Sea Gorges

What energy drives these currents in hundreds of seafloor Grand Canyons?

Gliders Tracked Potential for Oil to Reach the East Coast

Finding the location shifting Gulf Loop Current was critical

Plastic Particles Permeate the Atlantic

Scientists find new clues about what happens to plastics in the ocean

Floats Reveal Unknown Ocean Pathways

The North Atlantic's circulation is more complex than previously thought

As the World Turns and the Oceans Flow

In his lab, Jack Whitehead gets to the essence of complex phenomena

What Makes the Great Ocean Currents Flow?

Audio slideshow: A graduate student explores the Gulf Stream and the Kuroshio

The Ultimate Fluid Environment for Scientists

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Program celebrates 50th anniversary at WHOI

Submerged Autonomous Launch Platforms

"Intelligent" device decides when the time is right to send off data-gathering floats

OceanInsights for the Blind

WHOI scientist creates a bond with visually impaired students

Will the Ocean Circulation Be Unbroken?

Line W moorings monitor an intersection where key climate-influencing currents converge

A Warm Eddy Swirling in the Cold Labrador Sea

A conversation with WHOI physical oceanographer Amy Bower

The Ocean—Captured in a Box

An "experimentalist" encapsulates ocean fluid dynamics in the lab

Current Events off Antarctica

Graduate student helps discover a previously unknown ocean current

Chilly Scenes of Winter off Cape Cod

What happens in the coastal ocean when the winds blow and the waters cool?

Ocean Microscope Reveals Surprising Abundance of Life

Widespread bacterial colonies may play crucial role in ocean ecosystem

The Oceans Have Their Own Weather Systems

Pioneering expeditions investigate how eddies make life bloom in oceanic deserts

Float 312, Where Are You?

In one week, people found two rarely seen ocean instruments

The Flywheel of the Arctic Climate Engine

Remote Beaufort Gyre expeditions reveal clues to climate change

Where Currents Collide

Nineteen days at sea in the 'graveyard of the Atlantic'